Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday thoughts

Always good to start the long weekend with a fresh slate!

  • The Riders will hold a news conference this morning, and most people believe offensive lineman Gene Makowsky will announce his retirement. If so, Geno will leave as one of the all-time greats in team, and league, history.
  • Name me the last offensive lineman who could play as many different positions, and at such a high level. If you think there's no difference in playing guard and tackle, you obviously have never tried it.
  • Will the Andy Fantuz watch finally come to an end early next week? It's believed the bidding war for the free agent receiver's services is between the Riders and Hamilton.
  • I chuckle a little when people say "Well, with (insert veteran player's name here) gone, they'll have lots of money to pay (insert free agent's name here)." Uh, you do realize (veteran player's) roster spot will have to be filled by somebody, and that somebody will have to be paid, right? In other words, the Riders don't save the full amount of Wes Cates' salary by not re-signing Wes Cates, for example.
  • We knew it was coming, but it was still a kick to the gut to learn of the passing of baseball Hall of Famer Gary Carter. The Kid was my all-time favourite Montreal Expo.
  • Favourite Gary Carter moment? His two home run performance in the 1981 All-Star game, earning him game MVP honours.
  • Was there a Canadian kid who didn't love the Expos in those days?
  • If Jordan Weal isn't the WHL MVP this season, who the hell is?
  • Would the Regina Pats be in a position to win 35+ games this season without him? Not even close.
  • Rick Nash in a Toronto Maple Leaf uniform? Dare to dream. Actually, the Leafs need a dominant center more than another winger.
  • Does any NHL captain get less respect from his team's fan base than Toronto's Dion Phaneuf?
  • No Vince, I do not care to watch you play with your Schticky. Thanks, though.

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