Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday musings

Hey, who invited winter back? Mind you, we're still waaaay ahead of the game this year!

  • Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke has virtually guaranteed his team the Stanley Cup by dealing Rouleau-born blueliner Keith Aulie to Tampa Bay for former Regina Pat forward Carter Ashton. Let the celebration begin.
  • Uh...Mr. still don't have a goaltender. Or a second line. Or a shut-down defenceman. Just sayin'.
  • Dear Research in Motion: Your operating system upgrade for the Blackberry Playbook isn't good enough. Why is it you can figure out how to sync Outlook contacts and calendars with your phones, but not your tablet? Fail.
  • My 12 year old has decided that anyone who boos Andy Fantuz when the Hamilton Tiger-Cats come to town in July is a stupid dummy-head. Or something to that effect.
  • CKRM's Rod Pedersen is married, and the world didn't end. Go figure! Congrats to Rod and Cindy on their nuptials, and making it home from Mexico without getting robbed!
  • There seems to be a little less chirping coming out of Moose Jaw since Friday night's beat-down at the hands of the Regina Pats. Imagine that.
  • Is there anyone in this neck of the woods who wouldn't love to the see the Pats and Warriors go head-to-head in the WHL playoffs? Guaranteed sellouts in both barns!
  • So the Academy Awards were on tv last night. Good for them. The failure to acknowledge the cinematic excellence of Hugh Jackman's Real Steel has tarnished the Oscars forever in my mind.
  • After hearing the reviews of friends who've been in Florida, or Mexico, or Arizona, or California recently, I may have to seriously rethink my stance on winter vacations!
  • Granted, it hasn't exactly been a harsh winter around here, but still.
  • My child becomes a teenager in less that a month. This frightens me.

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