Thursday, December 09, 2010

Thursday Cheers and Jeers

Consider this the blogging equivalent of Santa's naughty and nice list. You do believe in Santa, don't you?

  • Mark's Mini-Tune. Mark found me a replacement bag for my leaf blower for significantly less than an online supplier wanted. Thanks Mark!
  • Regina Automotive Warehouse. Roy set me up with a fantastic set of Toyo snow tires. These things are amazing in the snow, and - even more impressively - on the ice. Me like!
  • Lakeview Fine Foods. They don't have the selection of a big supermarket, but it's a great place to stop for a few essentials. And the staff are super-friendly.
  • On-line shopping. With free shipping, I no longer have to elbow your grandma out of the way in the mall. That's a plus.
  • Sears. Five weeks and still no resolution to my treadmill issue. This just in - they suck!
  • Randy Moss. When I started the NFL fantasy football season with Moss and Atlanta's Roddy White as my starting receivers, I thought things looked pretty good. Apparently Moss had other ideas.
  • Ron Wilson. I'm not saying a coaching change will make the Toronto Maple Leafs a contender, but it seems obvious the players hate this guy. In that case, let's welcome our next contestant.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You should change cheers to nice and jeers to naughty, just until Christmas.