Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday musings

It's Monday. Things can only get better!

  • I suspect the collapsed roof in Minnesota will at least prevent anyone from pitching a "bubble" roof as a compromise in the debate over a new stadium for Regina. Yikes!
  • It's very, very fortunate that no one was hurt when the roof collapsed at the Metrodome this weekend.
  • So the Giants and Vikings will play in Detroit tonight. It's a rare opportunity to watch two NFL teams at the same time in Motown.
  • Yes, I realize the Lions beat the Packers yesterday. Shut up.
  • The Toronto Maple Leafs still stink, but at least they have bragging rights over the Habs until the teams meet again on February 12th.
  • With Carter Ashton gone, who will be the next Regina Pat to be dealt as part of the rebuilding project? Probably Brandon Davidson, but I'm thinking Thomas Frazee might also be attractive if a team is looking to upgrade a 20-year old roster spot.
  • Georges St-Pierre made Josh Koscheck's face into his personal punching bag on Saturday night. Koscheck looked like Sylvester Stallone in the first Rocky movie ("Cut me, Mick!") after the fight.
  • Did you see the yahoo fan at the Bell Centre try to get at Koscheck on his way to the octagon? I'm guessing security laid a serious beat down on that clown.
  • Is this the week the Riders announce their new head coach? I suspect it might be.
  • The J-man's basketball team finally won a game on the weekend! I have to commend the coaching staff on the job they've done with these kids. They're finally starting to look like a team.
  • The presents are all wrapped, the cards should have all arrived at their destinations by now. Bring on Christmas, I think I'm ready!

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