Monday, December 06, 2010

Monday musings

Admittedly, there's not a lot to offer today. I've been quite distracted.

  • Is Dave Dickenson really ready to be a CFL head coach? Most Rider fans seem to think the cerebral ex-quarterback should take over from Ken Miller.
  • Granted, the last time the Riders put a cerebral ex-quarterback in charge, things worked out pretty well. But Kent Austin had more coaching experience than Dickenson does.
  • I could live with either Doug Berry or Richie Hall in that position, although I'll admit neither option excites me terribly.
  • Another parallel to Austin's hiring in 2007: By the end of the 2006 season, the Riders had reached a plateau, having gone as far as Danny Barrett was capable of leading them. Some might say the team is in a similar position now. So, maybe a fresh perspective would help.
  • If Montreal had to win the Grey Cup, at least it's some consolation to know Als defensive back Paul Woldu of Regina is a terrific young man. Congrats Paul!
  • Hmm.....the Riders' starting Canadian corner (Leron Mitchell) suffers a devastating injury in the Grey Cup. Woldu may be ready to move into a starting position, after backing up other players in Montreal for three years. Is there a little synergy there?
  • It's December, and the Regina Pats only have eight wins to show for their first 29 starts. Is this season still salvageable, or is it time to think seriously about unloading assets?
  • I would imagine Pats forward Carter Ashton's value will only rise if he cracks Team Canada's roster for the World Junior Championships.
  • Mind you, the teams ahead of Regina in the race for a playoff spot aren't exactly setting the hockey world on fire, so I'm sure that complicates things a bit.
  • Ron Wilson's days with the Toronto Maple Leafs appear to be numbered. Good.
  • I may have to re-think my position on Leafs rookie Nazem Kadri. He's still terrible in his own end, and ridiculously easy to knock off his skates, but at least he demonstrates a bit of offensive creativity. That puts him in rare company in Toronto.

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