Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday Cheers and Jeers

We're back with another wildly popular installment of Cheers and Jeers, where we get to draw attention to noteworthy performances (positive and negative) over the past week. Here's my list:

  • Access 7. I'm really liking the new set and new graphics for Locker Talk. Now I guess the hosts have to pick up their game accordingly!
  • Saskatchewan Roughriders. For finally admitting defeat on the Prechae Rodriguez and Dominique Dorsey experiments. Now, about that o-line upgrade...


  • The never-ending debate over Eric Tillman's departure from the Roughriders. He's in Edmonton now. Let's all try to move on.
  • Justin Bieber. 4-5 of our players are skipping football practice because of Bieber fever tonight. Further proof that JB is the antichrist!

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Anonymous said...


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