Thursday, September 09, 2010

Thursday Cheers and Jeers

Really? It's Thursday already? Alright then, here's my list:

  • My chiropractor, Scott Bitz and his lovely bride Shyla. Congrats you two - have a blast in Europe!
  • Regina Automotive Warehouse. An excellent choice if your vehicle needs repairs, or just routine maintenance.
  • The Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Thanks for the two points. Can we trouble you for another two this weekend?


  • The nightmarish driving and parking conditions due to the construction projects in downtown Regina. Yeah, I know - short-term pain for long-term gain. But it still sucks royally.
  • Mother Nature. Seriously, enough. Last winter was miserable. Spring was a myth. The summer was virtually non-existent. Can we please have a break you crotchety old bag?
  • Walmart SuperCentre in Harbour Landing. Big store. Lots of space. Nothing in stock.

Don't be shy, let's see your list!


Anonymous said...


Guy who plugs his kid's achievments in a team oriented game.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous internet ass clowns who would stoop low enough to criticize a parent for being proud of their child.


Anonymous said...

Well lets see last year he was going to try and be QB, but that didn't stick. Now he gets the rock as FB/RB. I'm sure he's earned the position, and having Dad as the Coach had nothing to do with it. If you're that proud then put the stupid bumper sticker on the car that says that, and treat him like everyone else on the team.

Anonymous said...

Individuals who VOLUNTEER to coach.

Pac58 said...

We really shouldn't feed anonymous trolls, but I'll address a couple of points.

Every player on our football team gets evaluated at every position at the start of the season. Then we assign positions based on those evaluations. I make a point of not having any say in which position my son plays - that's up to the offensive and defensive coordinators.

When we're on the field, he gets treated exactly the same as every other player. No better, and maybe even a little worse so as not to appear to be playing favourites.

When we're away from the football field, he's my kid. I'm very proud of him. I will say so whenever I choose. If anyone has a problem with that, they can feel free to tell someone who gives a shit. Perhaps over at

Anonymous mouth-breathing posters are to be expected. However, anyone who puts down a child (mine or anyone's) in an attempt to make a feeble point is an even lower life form. That sort of thing isn't going to be tolerated, and those posts will be removed.

Bev said...

I was making up a list, but I was in a bad mood, and I didn't think I should contribute at that point...

Here, I'll put up a shortened part of that list:


Dairy Queen, because their Moolatte rocks!

Moxie's, because they're absolutely wonderful about making sure a person is getting what they need. And they really do have the best washrooms in Regina!

Friends who bring gluten-free delicacies like blueberry shortbread cookies from down east, just because they're nice people.

Animal Clinic of Regina, because Koko's been spending a lot of time there, and he's always treated like the sweet little dude he is.

Someone who gives us a place to post our frustrations and happy moments once a week.

Kids and parents who put so much into league sports. It's hard work for everyone involved, and I think they all do a great job.


People who can't understand that a person's blog is their blog, and they can do what they want with it. We're all guests, and Pete's been a pretty good host, with interesting local content. It's gotta be interesting, because I'm not usually all that interested in sports -- blasphemy, I know! :)

I've seen other blogs where the bloggers have been lambasted because they didn't keep it professional, or because they dared to give their own opinion on something.

I'm sorry. If their blog were provided by their workplace, or by a volunteer organization, then I'd expect the blog to be run according to that employer's or that organization's rules.

A personal blog, though, is personal. If I want to promote a friend's book on my blog, I can do that. If a literary agent wants to talk about her cat on her personal blog, that's well within her rights. If Pete wants to talk about his son, he's perfectly welcome to -- and I'd be disappointed if he didn't.

So, to people who can't understand these things, I send this wise message from Spamalot -- the Broadway take-off of Monty Python's Holy Grail:


Always look at the bright side of life! :P

Pac58 said...

Thanks Bev,

I guess it must be a slow day in Humboldt. Nothing to do but try to drag others down to your miserable level.