Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday thoughts

Let's call these thoughts, for lack of a better word:

  • There's no real reason to think the Saskatchewan Roughriders will beat the Calgary Stampeders tonight. So, they probably will.
  • All Rider receiver Cary Koch has to do tonight is catch one pass and actually fight for a first-down, and he'll probably get a standing ovation. You know, because he's replacing PR.
  • The atom Cougars will try to cap off an undefeated regular season tomorrow afternoon against the Bengals. I'm so nervous it's ridiculous.
  • I'd be feeling a lot better about tomorrow's matchup if we had decent practices this week. Oh well, I hope 1/3 of our offense enjoyed the Justin Bieber concert last night!
  • A couple of great provincial football rivalries are renewed tomorrow night, when the U of R Rams host the U of S, and the Regina Thunder visits the Saskatoon Huskies.
  • I'd put the quality of post-secondary football in Saskatchewan up against any other province in Canada.
  • Meantime, Regina Pats training camp continues. Hurray.
  • It's official, my offspring is hanging up the blades (at least for this season) in favour of basketball sneakers. I have to admit, I'm not heart-broken!
  • I suppose it was a good idea to put that backboard up over the garage door this week after all!
  • Yes, the great garage-building caper (scheduled to start right after the May long weekend) is finally drawing to a close. Amazing!
  • I almost forgot: Do you fancy yourself as Canada's next great sports journalist? Or, do you have an interest in sports and a little time on your hands? Locker Talk is looking for someone (or a couple of someones) to file one story a week for our Access 7 sports show. Interested? Let me know through the comments section and I'll get you the contact information.
  • Enjoy the weekend. Hopefully it doesn't snow or anything ridiculous like that!


Bev said...

I'm sorry, Pete, but this week I have to say "Go, Bengals!" I know a kid on that team... :) But I hope the Cougars do well, too, of course.

Basketball's a great game. Go, Jacob!

And yay on the garage!

Anonymous said...


You got my email address. Seriously I would be interested just send me the details to see if I would be what you'd be needing for this.


Pac58 said...


Bengals? For shame!

Bev said...

What can I say? I've known the kid all his life. And his mother for (much) longer... :)

But next week I'll cheer for the Cougars again.