Wednesday, January 16, 2008

One and out

Saskatchewan Roughrider Head Coach Kent Austin has resigned, after accepting the offensive coordinator's position at the University of Mississippi. Austin starred at quarterback for Ole Miss in the early 80's, before launching his CFL career.

Austin only coached in Regina for one year, but what an impact he made! Austin led the Riders to only the third Grey Cup in franchise history. Thanks for the memories, Kent. Best wishes as you return home.

So, who's next? Richie Hall? Mike Gibson? Greg Marshall? Tom Higgins?


old fan said...

Hi Pete - I figure it will be Greg Marshall or Dave Richie but Marshall is my bet.

I just don't think it will be Hall, but heaven knows he deserves a shot. If they don't give it to Hall, he will likely be gone somewhere after the end of his contract. I think he is in his last year. Marshall is a defensive specialist and they will need that expertise if Hall leaves.

I have mixed feelings over Kent. I think he wanted to go home and for that I understand. I do have a problem with committment and contractual obligations. This is also the second time the team/fans of this province were his second choice. That does not sit well with many older fans. I don't think they would ever give him a third chance. As you know colleges have fired their entire staffs before, and it could happen again. If you think the pressure is big in Riderville, its gigantic in the SE Conference.

Pac58 said...

I can't fault him in the least. He did what he set out to do - win a Grey Cup. He did it faster than anyone, himself included, thought he would. As a result he received a great offer from a high-profile program, close to his home, and offering free education for his kids.

The first time he didn't want to stay. This time he would have been crazy to stay.

I've got a weird feeling about Dave Ritchie possibly being coaxed into putting off retirement for a year or two. Kinda hope I'm wrong, actually.

old fan said...

Dave Ritchie was very close last time around...he has a history with Tillman so it wouldn't surprise me. i kinda think you might be right.