Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Austin garners NCAA interest

Saskatchewan Roughriders Head Coach Kent Austin is in demand. Funny how winning a Grey Cup in your first year as a CFL bench boss will do that. Anyway, this newspaper report has Austin interviewing today for the offensive coordinator's job at his alma mater, the University of Mississippi. If Austin has aspirations of becoming a head coach down south - and really, why wouldn't he? - this job at Ole Miss would be a giant leap in that direction.

And, to lend a little more credibility to the story, this blog was visited yesterday by somebody from Mississippi (perhaps the reporter who wrote the story), who did a Google search under the terms "Kent Austin's offense". Interesting stuff.


old fan said...

This will be a PR nightmare if he leaves, and likely a bigger one of he stays!! This will be a heated topic for sure.

Pac58 said...

He'll stay. At least I'm fairly certain. However, it is his alma mater. And getting interviewed is a good way of getting onto the radar screens of NCAA teams - for future opportunities.