Monday, January 28, 2008

A bump in the road

Something funny happened on the way to an easy Regina Pats victory over Saskatoon last night - the Pats forgot to show up for the third period! Regina notched a 5-4 overtime victory, thanks to Scott Doucet's second o-t marker in three games. The Pats actually held a 4-1 lead late in the 2nd period, before the Blades made a game of it with three unanswered goals.

Last night's game confirmed it, Blades (ex-Giants/Pats, etc...) pest Mike Reich really is a miscreant. Reich got into two scraps last night, getting the decision over Kirt Hill in the first, and then battling rookie Garrett Mitchell to a draw in the 2nd. Although, to his credit (sarcasm on) Reich did get in several good (cheap) shots after the officials moved in and were holding Mitchell's arms. What happened to calling a minor penalty when that happens?

The same thing happened in a subsequent fight involving Saskatoon's Teagan Zahn, who also could only throw punches when Regina's Colten Teubert was restrained. Hey zebras, look it up - that's a penalty. Real classy bunch they've got in Saskatoon this year.

The win keeps the Pats three points back of Calgary for top spot in the Eastern Conference. The Pats and Blades go at it again Friday night at the Brandt Centre. Should be entertaining.

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