Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Locker Talk Lineup for June 25

It's the final show of the season! On last year's season finale, Mitch and I were roughed up by a couple of local pro wrestling goons, as part of a hostile takeover event. So of course we've invited High Impact Wrestling on for tonight's show. What could possibly go wrong?

Assuming we survive, we'll be back on the air after Labour Day. In the meantime, here's the lineup for this week's show:

Locker Talk Guests for June 25/13 – Season Finale
Co-Host: Mitchell Blair

1. Dozens of Regina athletes are getting set to represent our province at the 2013 Canada Summer Games. Guest: Lorne Lasuita (Team Sask Chef de Mission).

2. Patrick Palmer, Human Guinea Pig. Our intrepid, if not intelligent, assistant tries his hand at another death-defying sport. This month: Mini Indy kart racing.

3. Access 7 Sports Plays of the Month. For June.

4. These are heady times at High Impact Wrestling. The Regina-based organization has launched a second promotion (Wildside), and is gearing up for the annual Pile O’ Bones Rumble in July. Guests: King Kash (Wrestler/Promoter) & Robbie Gamble (HIW Heavyweight Champ).

5. Our hosts don’t just talk about sports, they walk the walk too! On our season finale, Pete and Mitch risk life and limb to tangle with a couple of seasoned veterans in the sport of lawn bowling.

6. The Blair Necessities. Mitch’s weekly sports commentary. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Thoughts

Just, you know, putting these out there:

  • There's considerable angst in Rider Nation about last night's 24-23 exhibition loss to the Calgary Stampeders. Rider Nation needs to relax a little.
  • Granted, there is plenty of room for improvement, but the CFL season is a marathon, not a sprint. The key is to be the best team in November, not June.
  • If would help if somebody steps up and hits the occasional field goal, though!
  • The defense definitely has big-play potential. For, and against!
  • On offense, there is some work to be done. The offensive line is a work in progress. The interior of the line seems solid, but the tackles had a tough night last night.
  • Reports say Geroy Simon - who didn't catch a pass last night - was limping after the game. I really hope his last season in B.C. wasn't the start of his body betraying him. Sooner or later, time catches up to everyone. 
  • Head Coach Corey Chamblin and crew have some tough decisions to make prior to tomorrow's roster deadline. How gut-wrenching must it be to have to tell a young man his football dream is over? Granted, it's worse for the player hearing that news!
  • We had some serious rainfall in Regina yesterday, but nothing like our neighbours to the west are experiencing. I don't feel entitled to complain about a little water in my basement after seeing the flood damage in Alberta.
  • So Lebron and the Miami Heat won their second straight NBA title last night. I sort of figured the Spurs were done after blowing that late lead in game six. 
  • I wonder why the NBA isn't a bigger deal in Canada? Likely because the Toronto Raptors have been a non factor since Vince Carter was patrolling the hardwood for them. Too bad.
  • You'll be reading about the RMF bantam Sun Devils in this space a fair bit between now and mid October. I think we might be in a position to make some noise this season. Sure hope so, anyway!
  • Considering the amount of rainfall we've had this week, how plentiful will the mosquitoes be around here in a week or so? Shudder.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Locker Talk Lineup for June 18

It's our second last show of the season! We'll enter our annual summer shutdown after next week's show, but we've got plenty of good stuff to cover between now and then. This week's show airs tonight at 9 p.m. and Saturday at noon. Here's the lineup:

Locker Talk Guests for June 18/13
Co-Host: Mitchell Blair

1. A preview of the 2013 Regina Thunder junior football training camp. Guest: Scott MacAulay (Head Coach).

2. A preview of the 2013 Jon Ryan kicking camp and first annual charity golf tournament. Guest: Jon Ryan (Seattle Seahawks punter).

3. The Film Room. Locker Talk sports movie reviewer Carlo Palazzo is back to offer his thoughts on another cinematic classic. This time: Benchwarmers.

4. The head coach and general manager of the junior B Pilot Butte Storm lands the top job with the SJHL’s Estevan Bruins. Guest: Chris Lewgood (Bruins Head Coach/General Manager)

5. The sport of cricket is growing in popularity in Regina, and across Saskatchewan. Guests: Mike Sharma & Prakhar Shrivastava (Saskatchewan Cricket Association).

6. A preview of the 2013 Swervin’ Mini Indy “Laps for Life” charity fundraiser. Guest: Merv Armstrong (Organizer).

7. The Blair Necessities. Mitch’s weekly sports commentary. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Musings

Apologies in advance if these thoughts seem a little more water logged than normal! Could somebody turn off the water now?

  • Some interesting things happened Friday night, while the Saskatchewan Roughriders were edging Edmonton 31-24 in CFL action.
  • Rookie pivot Tino Sunseri showed remarkable poise under pressure, in leading the Riders to the 4th quarter comeback win. 
  • I don't think Sunseri is ready to challenge Drew Willy for the back-up spot, but he's solidly entrenched as #3 on the depth chart now.
  • Unless DeDe Dorsey shows something spectacular against Calgary Thursday night, the Riders might be well advised to keep looking for a backup to Korey Sheets at running back.
  • The Riders' inability to run the ball against the Eskimos concerned me. The pass protection was solid, though.
  • This is going to be the most aggressive defense we've seen in years around here.
  • They'll make big plays for sure. The flip side of that coin is that any mistakes by the defense will result in big, big plays by opposing offenses. Live by the sword, die by the sword.
  • Place kicking is a concern. Right now, I don't know if Chris Milo or Brody McKnight is in the lead in that competition. Neither has been overly impressive.
  • How was your Father's Day? Mine was celebrated a day early, but no complaints.
  • The boy and I checked out the new Leopold's Tavern on the weekend. I really like the vibe in that place, and the enormous, cheesy nachos didn't hurt either!
  • Only two episodes left until Locker Talk shuts down production for the summer. I know, I feel your pain. We'll be back in September, though. Promise.

Rider Cuts

The following roster moves have been announced by the Saskatchewan Roughriders. As suspected, rookie Tino Sunseri supplanted second year pivot Levi Brown as #3 on the depth chart with his performance in Edmonton Friday night.


Import             QB      Levi Brown
Non-Import    LB       Aaron Crawford
Import             WR      Phillip Livas
Import             LB       Anthony Heygood
Import             RB       Stephfon Green
Import             DB       Chip Vaughn
Import             DL       Kenny Rowe
Non-Import    DL       David Rybinski


Non-Import    OL       Patrick Neufeld (9-game injured list)
Non-Import    LB       Mike McCullough (9-game injured list)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Locker Talk Lineup for June 11

Here's the lineup for this week's fun-filled fiesta of ...fun.  The show airs tonight at 9 p.m. and Saturday at noon.

Locker Talk Guests for June 11/13
Co-Host: Mitchell Blair

1. A preview of the 2013 Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame induction ceremonies. Guest: Sheila Kelly (SSHF Executive Director) & Linda Burnham (Event Co-Chair/Past Inductee).

2. The Campbell Tartans capture a 6th straight city high school track and field championship. Guests: Darren Peters (Head Coach), Alex Eiswerth & Michaela Allen (Tartan track athletes).

3. Access 7 Sports Plays of the Month. For May.

4. Regina gets set to host the 2013 Western Women’s Canadian Football League (WWCFL) championship this weekend. Guests: Melissa Park & Angie Douville (Organizing Committee – Regina Riot)

5. The Prairie Junior Hockey League expands to the bedroom community of Pense. Guest: Rob Dowie (Pense Silver Foxes Head Coach/GM).

6. The Blair Necessities. Mitch’s weekly sports commentary. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Musings

It's a Monday, and we should lower our expectations accordingly. With that in mind...

  • Ouch. Rider offensive lineman Pat Neufeld is on crutches at training camp today. If Neufeld is injured long-term, the Riders may have to start an import at both offensive tackle positions. That means bringing an import off the starting roster elsewhere, either at receiver or on defense.
  • Mind you, starting two Canadians (Shologan and Foley) on the d-line gives the Riders some ratio flexibility other teams don't have.
  • No, I won't be glued to the tv this Friday night, as the Riders open the brief exhibition season in Edmonton. The first pre-season game usually becomes a parade of players we'll never see again, and becomes pretty well unwatchable by the mid point of the third quarter.
  • The Edmonton Oilers have hired Dallas Eakins as their new head coach. When was the last time another NHL team stole an up and coming coaching prospect from the Leafs?
  • When was the last time the Leafs had an up and coming coaching prospect?
  • I know the debate is between Seth Jones and Nathan MacKinnon as to who will go first overall in this year's NHL draft, but I suspect Jonathan Drouin may end up being the best NHLer of this year's rookie crop.
  • I don't have any particular dislike or affinity for either the Boston Bruins or Chicago Blackhawks, so this year's Stanley Cup final doesn't hold any great appeal for me.
  • I picked the Hawks as my playoff team (a fellow needs a back-up when his team keeps missing the post-season) a few years back, so I guess I'll cheer for them over the Bs.
  • The NBA final features some amazing athletic exploits, as the league's best team (San Antonio) battles the team with the best players (Miami). 
  • It was a magical night on Friday at the Victoria Club, as the stars and fans of High Impact Wrestling bid the facility adieu. HIW is moving into the larger Hungarian Club from this point on.
  • I remember I started going to HIW shows for some laughs and to mock some of the truly eccentric folks who made their way to every show. Now I'm one of them! WTH?
  • Two weeks from today the J-man graduates from elementary school. I swear his first day of kindergarten was just yesterday! It's true what they say - don't blink, or you will in fact miss it.

Friday, June 07, 2013

Friday Thoughts

These are the thoughts that occupy the dark recesses on a sunny Friday morning:

  • Wanna bet the players at the Saskatchewan Roughriders' training camp are itching to start hitting people in other uniforms? 
  • This is the part of camp where grumpiness sets in, and taking it out on opposing players is always better than hammering your own teammates!
  • Taj Smith is supposedly putting on quite a show at receiver the last couple of days. I thought his starting position might be in jeopardy this year. Apparently not!
  • Is anyone else hoping like crazy that Rob Bagg does not go down with another injury? That guy deserves some good luck for a change!
  • I was worried that Toronto Blue Jays tickets were going to be hard to come by when we visit southern Ontario in July. Apparently that won't be an issue!
  • So, what has gone wrong with the Jays? Frankly, I think they overestimated their starting pitching. Dickey seems to be rounding into form, but Josh Johnson is injury prone, and Mark Buehrle is..well, he's Mark Buerhle. Serviceable at best.
  • Friday, August 23rd is going to be a day/night to remember. The J-man and I will be in Green Bay, Wisconsin to cheer on the Packers against Seattle in NFL exhibition action. That's gonna be a lot of fun!
  • Hopefully that trip won't conflict too badly with our RMF schedule. Assuming I actually get a team to coach, that is. There were apparently twice as many applicants for bantam coaching positions this year than there are teams. 
  • In the meantime, I have our coaching staff assembled, and we've started mapping out our training camp and practice schedules. Hopefully that work isn't for nothing!
  • I think I'm going to demand that the City of Regina give me a million dollars. No particular reason. Just because. Seems to be the thing to do!

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Locker Talk Lineup for June 4

Here's the lineup for this week's show. It aired last night, and will hit the airwaves again at noon on Saturday on Access channel 7 in Regina. You can also catch it On Demand, if you are so inclined.

Locker Talk Guests for June 4/13
Co-Host: Mitchell Blair

1. One of Saskatchewan’s most successful Paralympic athletes retires from active competition. Guest: Jacqueline Rennebohm (Paralympian).

2. A review of the 2013 Memorial Cup, and the recent world sledge hockey championships. Guest: Curtis Hunt (Team Canada assistant coach, sledge hockey).

3. A Regina athlete is making a name for himself in the sport of fencing, including capturing a national championship last month. Guests: Philip Pitura (Fencer) & Kirk Brecht (Coach).

4. The Regina Pats host a spring camp for the top prospects in the organization, including 2013 bantam draft picks. Reporter: Phil Andrews.

5. Another exciting season of auto racing is underway at Regina’s King’s Park Speedway. Guest: Stacey Getz (Regina Auto Racing Club President).

6. A preview of Ground Zero, the June 7th event put on by High Impact Wrestling in Regina. Guest: King Kash (Wrestler/Promoter)

7. The Blair Necessities. Mitch’s weekly sports commentary.