Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Musings

It's a Monday, and we should lower our expectations accordingly. With that in mind...

  • Ouch. Rider offensive lineman Pat Neufeld is on crutches at training camp today. If Neufeld is injured long-term, the Riders may have to start an import at both offensive tackle positions. That means bringing an import off the starting roster elsewhere, either at receiver or on defense.
  • Mind you, starting two Canadians (Shologan and Foley) on the d-line gives the Riders some ratio flexibility other teams don't have.
  • No, I won't be glued to the tv this Friday night, as the Riders open the brief exhibition season in Edmonton. The first pre-season game usually becomes a parade of players we'll never see again, and becomes pretty well unwatchable by the mid point of the third quarter.
  • The Edmonton Oilers have hired Dallas Eakins as their new head coach. When was the last time another NHL team stole an up and coming coaching prospect from the Leafs?
  • When was the last time the Leafs had an up and coming coaching prospect?
  • I know the debate is between Seth Jones and Nathan MacKinnon as to who will go first overall in this year's NHL draft, but I suspect Jonathan Drouin may end up being the best NHLer of this year's rookie crop.
  • I don't have any particular dislike or affinity for either the Boston Bruins or Chicago Blackhawks, so this year's Stanley Cup final doesn't hold any great appeal for me.
  • I picked the Hawks as my playoff team (a fellow needs a back-up when his team keeps missing the post-season) a few years back, so I guess I'll cheer for them over the Bs.
  • The NBA final features some amazing athletic exploits, as the league's best team (San Antonio) battles the team with the best players (Miami). 
  • It was a magical night on Friday at the Victoria Club, as the stars and fans of High Impact Wrestling bid the facility adieu. HIW is moving into the larger Hungarian Club from this point on.
  • I remember I started going to HIW shows for some laughs and to mock some of the truly eccentric folks who made their way to every show. Now I'm one of them! WTH?
  • Two weeks from today the J-man graduates from elementary school. I swear his first day of kindergarten was just yesterday! It's true what they say - don't blink, or you will in fact miss it.

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