Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday musings

Oh good, it's the start of another work week, following another loss by the Riders! How much misery are we expected to endure?

  • There's no nice way to put it - the Riders completely soiled the sheets in the 4th quarter against Hamilton on Saturday. Blowing a 19 point lead is unacceptable. And at home? Double whammy.
  • The effect of that 35-34 loss can't be allowed to linger, as the worst part of two straight 4th quarter implosions is the effect on the collective psyche of the football team. 
  • In other words, it's tough to play with confidence when you know you've given away the last two games you've played. Rider coach Corey Chamblin has to find a way to get his team to erase that memory - and quickly.
  • Having said (written) that, if the Riders stormed back from a 19 point deficit to win, do you think we'd be talking about how Hamilton blew the lead? No, we'd be praising the Riders for overcoming adversity, fighting until the end, blah, blah, blah...
  • So, maybe the Ti-Cats (led by Henry Burris) deserve some credit too. 
  • Interesting decision by the Riders and SGI to pull the Gainer/Batman drinking and driving ad that plays on the big screen during games. As soon as last year's spot played during Saturday's game, it was obvious the move was a reaction to the Colorado theater shootings. I suppose that's appropriate. Mind you, I hated this year's spot to begin with - so no great loss as far as I'm concerned!
  • The J-man's two week vacation with his "other" family is over. Longest two weeks ever.
  • Note to self: never, ever feed the dog tuna mixed with mayo again. Never. Ever. I'm debating getting the house fumigated in the grisly aftermath.
  • So I've resumed working out with a trainer and I'm in pain. Must just be a coincidence, huh?


Bev said...

Aww, poor Dexter. His little tummy isn't very happy, huh? If the problem is still happening, you might try fasting him for a day, and/or starting him back on some plain rice. Maybe some boiled chicken in the rice. Just nice and easy on the boy's tummy. After a day or so, he may be ready to eat his regular food again.

Of course, I'm saying this as I change Little Miss's food all the time, as she gets to eat what Koko decides he doesn't want to. Doesn't always agree with her, unfortunately.

Things we do for the pooches, huh?

Pac58 said...

He's like his dad...a little gastrointestinal unpleasantness, and today he's good as new!

You'll have to bring the hounds over for a run around the backyard one of these days!

Bev said...

Good for Dexter!

We'd love to come over! Missy's going nuts being at home alone a lot (Koko's been staying at the vet's on hot days) and she'd love to have a play date!