Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday follies

The things a fellow thinks about, in the waning hours of the work week:

  • It's not that the Saskatchewan Roughriders lost in Calgary last night. It's the way they lost.  The Riders played the final 9.5 minutes afraid to lose, as opposed to determined to win. 
  • Still, I remember 1-2 stinkers along the road to the 2007 Grey Cup as well. It's what you learn from those games that matters.
  • And really, how much does a football game matter in light of that horrific mass shooting in Colorado last night?
  • I agree with the people who are suggesting we don't even mention the suspected shooter's name. It's the victims we need to remember, not some deranged freak.
  • Thanks to Rider superfan Rick Gallinger for the quick repair job on my laptop this week.  The old machine is humming along nicely!
  • I wish I could be in Calgary taking part (or leading!) in the debauchery for Carlo Palazzo's stag this weekend. I'm sure the boys will manage to have some fun regardless.
  • So, for the Riders to hang onto sole possession of first place in the West, we need to cheer for Edmonton against B.C. tonight?  Not sure I can do that!
  • Some mouth breathers are actually pinning last night's loss on Rider quarterback Darian Durant? Really? How many passes did he drop? 
  • Plantar fasciitis or not, it's back to working out with the trainer tomorrow! Hilarity ensues.
  • Imagine my delight to find a supply of Vernor's ginger ale on our recent Minot trip. I thought that stuff was only available back home! Nectar of the gods, I tell ya.
  • So, with the boy on holidays with his mom, the next two weekends offer an excellent opportunity to get the house organized/tidied up.  Odds on that actually happening?

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