Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday follies

These thoughts are mine. Who else would want them?

  • Andy Fantuz makes his first trip back to Mosaic Stadium tomorrow since signing with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in the offseason. What sort of response will he get from the home crowd?
  • I'd be up for giving him a warm greeting prior to kickoff, and then treating him with general disdain (just like any other opposition player) the rest of the game.
  • It's hard to knock Fantuz for leaving Riderville for an opportunity to live and work closer to home in Ontario.  Heck, there was a time that I would have done the same thing. In a heartbeat.
  • This game shapes up as a showdown between the Rider defense and the Tiger-Cats offense, led by the rejuvenated Henry Burris. If the Cats can establish their running game and give Burris time to pass, it could be very long afternoon for the men in green.
  • Steven Jyles fumbled in the dying moments of last night's CFL tilt, allowing Winnipeg to escape with a 23-22 win over Edmonton. That's Winnipeg's first win of the year, after opening the season with four road losses.
  • I'm sure he's a nice enough person, but Jyles just isn't a starting calibre quarterback. When the chips are down, he'll make a bad decision. Bank on it.
  • I suppose I should try to get excited about the Olympics, but I'm just not there. Are you?
  • Truth be told, I haven't gotten worked up about the Summer Games since Ben Johnson broke our hearts in 1988.
  • It appears the plantar fasciitis has healed enough for me to resume working out with a trainer. Oh joy!
  • Still, I can't very well expect the Unicorns to be the fittest team in the pee wee division of Regina Minor Football if the head coach doesn't get himself in some semblance of shape, can I? That'd be the height of hypocrisy!
  • NFL training camps have started. Let's hope the Packers erase the memory of last year's first-round loss by going all the way this year!

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