Monday, August 15, 2011

Did I miss anything?

Okay, I suppose this blogger has had a sufficiently long break. Maybe it's time to weigh in on a few things, in the unlikely event anyone cares to read my opinions!

  • The Saskatchewan Roughriders are not a very good football team. There is no magic button (ie: fire this guy, replace that guy) that can be pushed to fix this situation.
  • Make no mistake, there are some talented players on the roster. Just not enough of them.
  • And clearly, the coaching staff has not been able to get the most out of the talent they've been given to work with.
  • Wes Cates is missed, no question about it. Although Hugh Charles had a terrific game in a losing cause against Calgary Friday night.
  • Did you notice Charles seemed to come up lame when trying to catch the ball carrier on that tragic endzone interception that was returned for a touchdown? Hamstring injury, perhaps? (I haven't read the paper yet today. Maybe that's been covered)
  • Can the Riders snap out of it with a win in Toronto Thursday night? Sure they can. Will they? I dunno.
  • Congrats to Rob Cherepuschak, Bernie Eiswirth, Gary Brotzel and the rest of the Regina Red Sox on their first Western Major Baseball League championship. It's been fun watching that organization build a consistent winner.
  • Training camp is well underway for the RMF Unicorns. Coaching 12-13 year olds is a whole different ball game, I'm finding.
  • We started the season with 37 players, and seven have already packed it in. Was it something I said?
  • We open the season Saturday morning at the brand spanking new Leibel Field against Weyburn. Hopefully we can get the troops fired up between now and then!
  • Preceding the start of our training camp was the minor football camp put on the University of Regina Rams. What a well-run camp!
  • I know the J-man learned a lot during those four days, and so did I. Thanks again to Frank McCrystal and Bernie Schmidt for the opportunity to help coach the offensive linemen.
  • Immediately prior to Rams camp was a sweltering nine day holiday in the home country (London, Ontario).
  • The highlight was probably the day spent at Niagara Falls. Taking a ride on the Maid of the Mist isn't a bad way to cool off when the humidex is up around 40 degrees!
  • I was right, it was weird driving (and jogging) past my mom's house now that she's gone.
  • Yes, jogging. Although in that heat, if you didn't get your outdoor workout done by about 9 am, it just wasn't going to happen.
  • I'd share some visual memories with the folks on Facebook, but young Jacob left his camera in our rental car! Thanks to long-time pal Donato for retrieving it.
  • Less than two weeks after returning to work, and I'm ready for another holiday. Is that so wrong?


Anonymous said...

7 out of 37 is a pretty high number of players to lose.

I'm sure having them getting ripped on Facebook hasn't helped their morale.

No likely repeat of RMF Coach of the Year is in order.

Pac58 said...

Other teams are down to 25 players, losing ten or more.

I must have missed the part where they were getting ripped.

Bev said...

Welcome back!

I dunno. I find that a vacation in heat (and for me, 30 is high enough, let alone 40s!) isn't very restful. No wonder you're ready for another holiday!

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