Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday musings

There's a dwindling number of active brain cells up there, but here's what has been keeping them occupied lately:

  • Good luck to Ken Miller as he steps back into the roles of head coach and offensive coordinator with the Saskatchewan Roughriders. He also steps into a tough situation, but with a little luck he just might be able to get his team into the CFL playoffs.
  • If the Riders can get a few players healthy (Koch, Cates, Mitchell) and 1-2 guys back from the NFL (Hi Andy Fantuz!), fans could see some significant improvements in the on field performance. Let's hope so, anyway!
  • I'm not sure how I feel about Greg Marshall's parting shots at his weekend media conference. On the one hand I respect him for speaking openly and honestly about his disappointment over being let go as head coach.
  • But to say the team took the "easy way out"? Not sure I'm with you on that one, (former) coach.
  • The RMF Unicorns dropped an 18-14 heartbreaker to Weyburn in our season-opener, as the Eagles scored on an 80+ yard pass and run play with less than two minutes remaining on the clock. Ouch!
  • Great effort by our kids though, and we'll be better next week against Lumsden.
  • Kudos to the J-man, who held his own despite giving up what seemed like a foot in height (and probably 20 pounds in weight) to the linebacker he was assigned to block.
  • Leibel Field has become a fantastic facility for minor football. Hats off to everyone who worked so hard to make that project a reality. I can't wait until all the work (scoreboard/press box) is done!
  • Kinda tough to get there, though - with roadwork closing one of only two entrances to the Douglas Park complex.
  • Stain resistant khakis are one of the greatest inventions of the modern era.
  • The first planning meeting for the 2011/12 season of Locker Talk on Access 7 happens today. If you have any requests/suggestions for guests we should be inviting onto the program, let us know!

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Bev said...

Regarding Marshall's media conference:

The things he said are precisely the sort of things one is told not to say in a job interview about a former job.

He's disappointed? That's understandable. Bitter? I can see that, too. But to talk about this on public television, aimed directly at the employer he hopes to work for again... I doubt that's a good idea.