Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday musings

Scattered thoughts, rattling around in a scattered brain:

  • The Saskatchewan Roughriders returned to the practice field yesterday, under the watchful eye of new/former head coach Ken Miller.
  • Miller faces the task of getting his crew ready to take on the league-leading Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the Labour Day Classic. Not an easy job!
  • Once again this year, the two combatants in this game are at opposite ends of the standings. It's rare for both the Bombers and Riders to have winning (or losing) records when Labour Day rolls around.
  • However, that rarely affects the intensity of the action on the field - or off the field, for that matter!
  • The RMF Unicorns are off to an 0-2 start, after a pretty one-sided loss in Lumsden Sunday afternoon.
  • Rumour has it management is already pondering a coaching change! In fact, I believe last year's coach has been spotted lurking around our practices. :)
  • If the kids keep working hard, we'll get this thing turned around. No worries.
  • There's some head-scratching going on with the Regina Thunder today, after a loss in Winnipeg dropped the Thunder's record to 1-2.
  • The Thunder better things turned around quickly, as their next two games are against the league-leading Saskatoon Hilltops, followed by a rematch with Winnipeg.
  • Early indications suggest Regina Pats rookie forward Morgan Klimchuk is in fact the real deal.
  • Will Jordan Weal and Brandon Davidson finish the season in Pats jerseys? I suppose that depends on whether the Pats are in contention for a playoff spot by the time the trade deadline rolls around.
  • If they aren't, I'd expect both those players to be dealt.
  • How long before the good people of Moose Jaw start complaining (loudly) about the paucity of parking spots near their new arena?
  • Can anyone make use of a 51 inch rear projection high def tv? First reasonable offer takes it!

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