Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday Cheers and Jeers

Another week has flown by, mercifully! Here's a look at the highlights and lowlights (or is that low lifes?):

  • West Side Pizza (latest in a series). The J-man's birthday feast was gobbled up and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone in attendance. If you haven't tried their pizza, you should.
  • Oskar's Deli Meats. Seems a bit strange for someone of Polish descent to sing the praises of a German outfit, but they came through in the clutch this week.
  • West Harvest Inn. They put on a darn good Sunday brunch. Can't go wrong with an omelet station!
  • High Impact Wrestling. Goofy? Absolutely. Legions of bizarre people in the audience? Definitely. Fun? Most assuredly.
  • London Life/Freedom 55. Let's just hope the horribly incompetent clown my mom dealt with isn't indicative of the company as a whole. That would be very sad.
  • The Vancouver Canucks "fans" who attacked former NHL star Theo Fleury for having the temerity to suggest the 'Nucks might be ripe for an early playoff exit. At least Theo had the stones to state his opinion publicly, unlike the anonymous mouth-breathers who hide behind their computer screens in their mommy's basement.
The cheers outnumber the jeers. Must have been an okay week!

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