Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Locker Talk news de jour

Let's face it, we don't break a lot of sports stories on Locker Talk, which I'm hoping is more a reflection of the format of the show than the journalistic abilities of the hosts!

Anyhow, when we do uncover a little nugget of news, we like to pass it along it you - seems like the right thing to do!

In this case, we learned during tonight's taping of the show that Regina's Mitch MacDonald, the reigning MVP of the Western Major Baseball League with the Regina Red Sox, may not be back in Regina this summer. Mitch is en route to Florida, where he'll join the spring training camp of the St. Louis Cardinals. Mitch's summer to remember (he won the triple crown in the WMBL in 2010) apparently revived his major league aspirations. You may remember he spent a couple of years in the farm system of the Florida Marlins before leaving that organization. Good luck with the Cards, Mitch!

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Adam Geiger said...

good luck Mitch!