Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday thoughts

At the very least this gives me an opportunity to think about something other than wills, estates and such for a few minutes! Here, in no particular order, are some other things that have been floating around upstairs:

  • The Regina Pats have now missed the playoffs for three straight years. If next year's squad isn't at least a playoff team, I think the Pats could be in danger of becoming irrelevant to many people in this market.
  • However, I'm also willing to believe Chad Lang knows what he's doing, and will get the on-ice product headed in the right direction. Gotta hope so, anyway.
  • I don't know if there will be a coaching change. I also don't know if one is required.
  • Jordan Weal scored over 100 points playing with the best player (Jordan Eberle) in junior hockey last season. This season, Weal will finish with around 95 points while skating with no one comparable to Eberle. Therefore, I am led to conclude that Jordan Weal is pretty darn good.
  • I wasn't really in the mood to celebrate at the time, but I'm starting to enjoy the fact the Green Bay Packers are the Super Bowl champs. My new Aaron Rodgers jersey is pretty sweet - way nicer than that ratty old #4 jersey hanging in the closet.
  • I believe the lockout will stretch into late summer, and I think the NFL will play an abbreviated (10-12 game) regular season. And, that might actually be the best case scenario, sadly.
  • Oh, Toronto Maple Leafs, why do you do this to me every season? You get my hopes up for a while after Christmas, and then dash them upon the rocks of futility. Every year.
  • Time to dust off my Blackhawks gear again. I need some reason to watch the NHL playoffs!
  • Is this the year for the Vancouver Canucks? I sure don't see a lot of holes in that lineup, to be honest.
  • Our RMF team may be in the market for an offensive line coach. Interested? Let me know. It is a pretty significant time commitment (four practices and one game/week) from the start of August until mid-October. And, we'd like someone with a fair bit of o-line experience (playing, if not coaching). Still interested?
  • My kid turns 12 next weekend. I'm constantly amazed at how fast the time flies/has flown by.
  • Will he see a Toronto Maple Leaf Stanley Cup parade in his lifetime? Dare to dream!

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