Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday musings

I suppose this beats doing yardwork on a holiday Monday:

  • You've gotta love a Little League coach that calls to cancel a game ONE HOUR before the scheduled start time. Oh well, at least the munchkins had a good practice yesterday.
  • Is there a streakier team in professional sports than the 2008 Toronto Blue Jays?
  • Anyone else looking forward to catching a Regina Red Sox game at Currie Field?
  • June 13th (Riders home exhibition game) can't get here soon enough.
  • Let's not forget - Regina was home to TWO national champions in 2007. The Prairie Fire rugby team starts defense of its Super League title next weekend.
  • I'll be 43 in eight days. Do the aches and pains increase exponentially after you hit 40? Seems that way.
  • I think I've spent enough time on the computer today - time to enjoy what's left of the long weekend!

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