Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday thoughts

Various thoughts on the eve of a rainy weekend:

  • Three job interviews next week. When it rains, it pours!
  • Hopefully the anticipated showers materialize tomorrow, so young Jacob and I can hit the big Walking with Dinosaurs show in Saskatoon without me having to drive like a maniac to get there ( 2 p.m. Little League game).
  • My tennis game is slowly climbing back to mediocrity. Awesome!
  • Are the Stanley Cup playoffs still on? Surely they've crowned a champ by now?
  • My baseball fantasy league pitchers suck. Trade offers?
  • Physio, chiro and massage have not fixed my aching neck. Any suggestions?
  • I just received my copy of the 1982 Wimbledon men's final on dvd. Sure hope Jimmy Connors wins again!
  • I'm a proud member, but the Regina Court & Fitness Club is getting really, really dingy.
  • How did people, including me, survive before EDOs were invented?
  • Work is coming along nicely on the new set for SportZone. Surely they can't be thinking of canceling the show, can they?


Anonymous said...

Well Pete, thats the way it goes with jobs, but you will likely end up turning somebody down! Hell I doubt you get much of a break or any between gigs.
Regarding the neck, some people tell me they have had some relief from the mineral spa thing. If that fails, a couple hours of afternoon sex might do it. At least thats what I tell my old gal.
The Chiefs are doing a good job in the Mem Cup. Maybe they are as good as everyone out here said they were. I think they will win it.I guess we are pretty fortunate to get to watch the Dub all winter long. It's a great league.

Good luck and look after the neck thing. Maybe it's stress..stress release.

Old Fan

Anonymous said...


Did you get contacted by the place I referred you to? Feel free to reply to my email address and not the blog.


Pac58 said...


Must be stressed about the looming unemployment thing. As for the afternoon suggestion - if only it were an option!


I have your email at work, but not at home. I haven't called yet, thought I would wait to see how the other prospects turn out. But, in hindsight, it probably wouldn't hurt to have a few more options.

Anonymous said...

Hey Pete

Feel free to use my work email, my home email is my