Friday, May 02, 2008

Friday thoughts

Time to empty the cranial storage container of some random thoughts and opinions:

  • I don't care if Teale Orban makes the Saskatchewan Roughriders or not. I hope he does, but I'm impressed as hell that he's made it as far as he has.
  • Thumbs-up to Orban's Rams teammate Brendon LaBatte for being selected in the first round. This kid defined "long-term project" when he first arrived at the U of R.
  • Regina's Paul Woldu meets the Montreal night life. This can NOT turn out well!
  • Myles Bell = big, strong defenceman with offensive upside and a mean streak. Obviously the Pats are hoping he turns into Colten Teubert, the sequel.
  • Are the Stanley Cup playoffs still on? How are the Leafs doing?
  • Access Communications is looking at launching a province-wide CFL show (including phone-in segment). Could be interesting!
  • Rod Pedersen must be in line for a job with the CBC. Good luck Roddy!
  • Jacob's baseball team plays it's first game tomorrow. Go get 'em son!
  • Repeated treatments of physio, chiro and massage, and my neck still aches like crazy. WTH?
  • My contract with the government expires in 26 days, and I have only one interview lined up so far. Cutting it a little close, aren't we?
  • Then again, if the weather keeps improving, a little (emphasis on the LITTLE) time off might not be so bad!


Anonymous said...

It felt wierd reading Vanstone's article today. There has been talk that the first two picks were "safe picks". Now he asks the question about Brent returning..or not! I got the sense that his returning is not a for sure thing. What with talking about other interesting opportunities and safe picks for the future, it does make you wonder.

Old Fan

Anonymous said...

If RP gets a chance with a big network, he oughta consider hard taking it. Those opportunities only come along so many times in a lifetime. Eventually if you say no long enough, the phone stops ringing!

Pac58 said...

Don't I know it! Okay, I don't. But I've heard it's like that for the talented guys...

Rod Pedersen said...

The CBC asked CHL broadcasters to send a demo so they update their talent databanks, so I did.

There's nothing more going on than that.


Pac58 said...

Every journey begins with a single step...

Or some such cliched tripe.