Monday, January 06, 2014

Monday Musings

Typing keeps us warm, so blogging is a necessity on a day like today!

  • It's been a very cold winter so far in this part of the world, but it has snowed considerably less than last year. So, which scenario is better? Can we vote for a third option?
  • For the second straight year, Canada fails to win a medal at the World Junior Hockey Championships. Let the navel-basing and hand-wringing begin!
  • I agree with Brent Sutter. Other countries are producing more top-end talent, because they're actually letting kids develop their skills, rather than teaching them systems that stifle their creativity at an early age.
  • For instance, look at Canada's defensemen this year. Those kids seemed almost afraid to try to create anything offensively. Is that a talent issue, or coaching?
  • The WHL trade deadline is just a few days away. Do the Regina Pats load up, and try to make a run for top spot in a weak east division? Or deal a couple players for some assets for next year?
  • When's the last time the Pats were legitimate contenders at this time of year, and we didn't have to wonder what they would do at the trade deadline?
  • Once again, the Green Bay Packers fail to contain San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick, and will watch the rest of the NFL playoffs from home.
  • The Packers sport one of the most exciting offenses in pro football, but their defense is poor - especially the front seven.
  • So, who do I cheer for now? I'm leaning towards the Seahawks, but can always be convinced otherwise with a well-placed bribe!
  • How are you doing with your New Year's resolutions? I haven't been 100% with my commitment to eating better and working out more often, but not bad. There's still hope!
  • Better make sure your pvrs are in good working order, because Locker Talk returns to the Access 7 airwaves tomorrow night. We kick things off by announcing the 2013 Locker Talk Regina Athlete of the Year.  
  • No, the winner isn't Mitch's man crush Rex Roberts. However, Rex and the rest of his High Impact Wrestling cronies will also return to the Access airwaves in 2014, with the launch of their own weekly pro wrestling show. Should be fun!

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