Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Follies

Santa's coming! Jeez, I better clear out some of these dark thoughts, lest I end up on the naughty list. Again.

  • Sincere condolences to everyone at the Leader-Post, especially the newsroom crew, who lost another friend and colleague this week. This has been a tough few months for those folks.
  • I'm looking forward to announcing the second annual Locker Talk Regina Athlete of the Year award winner on our first show of 2014 (January 7th). We've already made our choice. Any guesses as to who the worthy recipient is?
  • Thank you to the Dallas Cowboys and Tony Romo for the early Christmas present last Sunday night. If the Packers don't sneak into the NFL playoffs, that comeback win will qualify as the highlight of the season!
  • It'll be tough seeing Keith Shologan suiting up for Ottawa in the next CFL season, but the expansion draft would have been a complete sham if teams didn't have to give up any quality players.
  • Next order of business for Brendan Taman and company: getting some of those 19 pending free agents to re-sign on the dotted line. Not all of them, obviously - but hopefully quite a few.
  • I cannot wait to check out Anchorman 2. 
  • It's time to get a jump on the New Year's resolutions, and drag myself back to the gym this weekend. 
  • However, the healthy eating is going to have to wait a few more days. 'Tis the season, after all.
  • Skinny knit ties are back in style. Further proof that I should have just hung onto my clothes from the 80s. 
  • Well, the ties would still fit, at least!
  • Does anyone else miss rugby pants? Yeah, me neither.
  • In case I don't post anything between now and then (based on this year's track record, there's a really good chance of that!), have a wonderful Christmas and I look forward to touching base a little more regularly in 2014!

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