Thursday, December 01, 2011

Thursday Cheers and Jeers

Running into any exceptional, or abysmal, service on your Christmas shopping (or other) exploits? Make sure to tell people about it, right here! Tell you what, I'll go first:

  • Joe Kapp and Angelo Mosca - the battling septuagenarians may very well have provided the highlight of the 2011 Grey Cup. The game itself? Meh.
  • Hill Avenue Drugs. Andrew, Mike and the gang provide exceptional service. Without fail.
  • Legends Sports Memorabilia. Despite his woeful taste in pro sports teams (Flyers/Patriots), Trent will probably have something for the hard-to-shop-for sports fanatic on your list.


  • Washington Capitals. It's sad when a decent coach (Bruce Boudreau) loses a power struggle with a whiny "superstar" (Alex Ovechkin). Oh well, that's show biz!
  • Walmart (south Regina). Do they ever have anything in stock?
  • Toronto Maple Leafs. Yet again, the Boston Bruins expose the Leafs' matador defense and porous goaltending. Burke's boys have a long way to go before they can be considered legitimate contenders.

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Bev said...

I was at Walmart (south Regina) last night. I don't like it - it's too big, and it rarely has what I'm looking for.

My own:


Animal Clinic of Regina - I think I must include them on a monthly basis. But they love my elderly dog, and take such good care of him.

Pasta Prima - always good food.


Youtube - this is one place where you're not exaggerating when you say they have no customer service. They don't. I once found a telephone number, so I called it. After going through a long line of 'If this/Press that' commands, I finally got a message saying, "We don't have a customer service department. You can find what you need on the site." Yeah. If it were there, I would have found it. It's not.

Smitty's at Golden Mile - compared to other Smitty's restaurants, the service was poor and the food just not quite up to par. I was sad.

And sad to find that Tomas Cook's is no longer - they moved out of their home in the Sherwood House Motel as of November 20th. The sign says they'll re-open elsewhere, but no place or date is given. :(