Thursday, December 08, 2011

Thursday Cheers and Jeers

Jeers are becoming harder to come up with. Either it's the festive nature of the season, or I need to get out more!

  • Thumbs up for Rod Pedersen, who returns to hockey broadcasting in a big way over the holidays. "Rodzo" will be the radio play-by-play voice of Team Canada at the World Junior Hockey Championships.
  • District Fitness Studio. Eating healthy sucks, but the new training regimen is pretty cool.
  • U of R cheerleading team. Congrats to the crew on a silver medal performance at nationals last weekend.


  • Regina drivers. If traffic is backed up on the Ring Road, that doesn't mean you get to pass on the shoulder, ya maroon!
  • 7 am workouts. A necessary evil, but so very, very unpleasant!
  • SportMart (Albert Street). Some good deals to be had, but absolutely no customer service.

1 comment:

Bev said...

I've seen that with SportMart.

My cheers:

- Restaurants that actually get excited when you say you're bringing in a group of 10 to 12 people, as opposed to those who talk as if it's a burden that they'll *try* to fit in.

- Applebees - went there for my brother-out-law's birthday with the whole fam-damily. Although service wasn't the best, our server was very patient with my family, and when told that this was a birthday party, brought my b-o-l a free dessert. (Unfortunately, they didn't have enough staff on to sing to him, so we had to sing it ourselves.)

- Beer Bros, who managed to fit in a large group in the tiny space of time they had before a big Christmas party. And I just love how they answer the phone "Hello, Beer Brothers. How can I make your day better?"

- Coffee. Because insomnia sucks.

And my jeers:

- Bushwakkers, who won't let you reserve a table on Fridays but won't let you hold onto tables either. Are they trying to force out all the larger groups who might eat there?

I think that's it. It's all my poor sleep-deprived brain can think of right now. Have a great week!