Friday, December 09, 2011

Friday thoughts

Assuming there are 1-2 functioning (ie: not frozen) brain cells up there:

  • I don't know who the next head coach of the Saskatchewan Roughriders will be. I do, however, know that whenever a fan opines "We should hire..." I want to respond with "Based on your extensive knowledge of what exactly?"
  • It'll play out the way it plays out. In the meantime, it's fun to speculate.
  • The Regina Pats must wonder what it takes. For the second straight year, the Riders' search for a bench boss is receiving extensive media coverage during the CFL off-season.
  • Mind you, in some of the past few years the play of the Pats had pretty much made them irrelevant by December anyway.
  • The Pats travel to Moose Jaw tonight for the first meeting between the two clubs since the Warriors' Tanner Eberle "fought" Pats star Jordan Weal. It could get interesting.
  • Speaking of wanton violence, the stars of High Impact Wrestling invade the Victoria Club again tonight. The upper crust of Regina's social elite will be in attendance.
  • If there were such an award (and there really should be), who would you vote for in the competition for Regina amateur athlete of the year? I'd probably go with curler Amber Holland.
  • Jason Ackerman (mixed) also won a national curling championship. After that, who else shone on a national or international stage?
  • So, the J-man's school holds its annual Christmas (not Holiday!) concert next week, but only the K - grade 5 kids are performing. That's odd.
  • I normally look forward to the show, but with a kid in grade seven there's really no point in attending!
  • My holidays start in six days. Mentally, I'm already gone!
  • I'm getting really good at doing your job! How about you give it a try for awhile?

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