Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thursday Cheers and Jeers

As our American friends celebrate Thanksgiving, lets pause and give thanks for those who've earned a cheer over the past week. And perhaps issue a warning to steer clear of those who haven't.

  • Regina Northwest Wrestling Club. Kyle Dumont and company run an excellent program. The J-man is really enjoying his first mat grapplin' experience so far.
  • Trevor Folgering. If he can get me eating healthy and working out regularly, he'll probably be able to claim the title of Regina's preeminent personal trainer. Miracle worker, more like it! We'll see...
  • Advance Eye Care Center. They have my two year old reading glasses looking new again. And for free! What more does a guy want?
  • Sidney Crosby. I'm not a big fan, but Sid the Kid couldn't have scripted a better return to active duty than a four point effort in his first game of the season.


  • Whatever cold or flu bug is making the rounds this week. Get away, I have stuff to do!
  • Not having Sirius satellite radio in my vehicle for weeks, because of a defective part. Really? It takes that long to get a replacement? Nice.
  • Incompetent people being put in positions of authority. Not a new or unique phenomenon, but annoying nonetheless.

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Bev said...

Ouch on those jeers -- especially the last one!


We tried a new place last week - Botanica. Nice atmosphere, mostly quiet, and pleasant. Food was good, maybe a bit pricey, but not badly overpriced. And they're willing to work around special diets - always a plus!

American Thanksgiving - Happy Thanksgiving to all American friends!

The fellow clearing the snow from away from our church. He actually came in to ask us if using the snowblower would interrupt our choir practice. And he did a terrific job!

Oh, and my 11-year-old snow shoveller, who is always ready to come to my rescue at a moment's notice, as long as I can drive over to pick him up. :) He's got a great sense of humour, too.


Workplaces where people in trustworthy positions spread lies. Not mine, thank God, but I know of one office where that's bad.

Slow computers. Need I say more?

I've been so busy, there just hasn't been time for anything to build up. Well, except for housework. So I should probably give one more cheer to my friend Jamie for coming over last night to help me around the house!