Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thursday Cheers and Jeers

Another week, another list. Here's my collection of stand-out performances (for better or worse) over the past seven days. Feel free to submit your own list, if you're so inclined.

  • Ukrainian Co-Op. The J-man needed some authentic Polish food for a school project. Since there isn't a place in Regina that specializes in Polish eats, we went to our Ukrainian neighbours and they came through!
  • Wascana Centre. I've been all over Wascana Park at one time or another, but this weekend was the first time we took Dexter the dog for a walk all the way around the lake. What a terrific way to spend part of a lazy afternoon!
  • Iannone's Footwear and Shoe Clinic. Tim and his crew offer great service and reasonable prices. That's always a winning combo.
  • Memorial Cup anthem singer. I know she didn't mean to butcher the U.S anthem. She's probably a delightful young lady. She did a fine job on the Canadian anthem. But that was just awful! Next time, learn the song.
  • London Knights. My hometown boys have looked awful in their last two games at the Memorial Cup. They take on Saskatoon in a sudden death tiebreaker tonight.
  • July 18th. Only because it isn't here yet. If ever there was a year I needed a relaxing summer holiday, this would be the one! 

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