Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday Musings

Idle thoughts on a water-logged Monday:

  • Congrats to the Halifax Mooseheads on their 2013 Memorial Cup championship. They really were the class of the field in Saskatoon. 
  • Next year's tournament is in London, Ontario. Hopefully the Knights can capture their second national championship on home ice.
  • A good time was had by all at the WWE wrasslin' show at the Brandt Centre Saturday night. Sitting in the front row is a whole new experience!
  • Thumbs up to everyone associated with organizing the Ken Goff Memorial Boxing Classic on Friday night. It had been a few years since I attended a Classic, and it was a first-class event, as always.
  • This was the 20th year for the event, and I don't believe Pat Fiacco has aged a day over that period. How is this possible?
  • This time next week Roughrider training camp will be into day #2 in Saskatoon. There's a lot of excitement about this year's edition of the green and white. Hopefully that translates into results on the field.
  • If John Chick makes his way back to Riderville, does Saskatchewan become the favourite to represent the west in the Grey Cup? Not necessarily, but I'd certainly rate them at least a close second to B.C.
  • I see Regina's newly crowned village idiot is off his meds again. That show stopped being funny a long time ago.
  • Two years from today I'll hit the half century mark. Now that's a milestone to dread! Mind you, it beats the alternative of NOT making it to 50!
  • I'm looking forward to a birthday feast of pizza and ice cream with the J-man tonight. The clean eating/exercising regimen resumes tomorrow. Yay.

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Which Village Idiot show?