Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday thoughts

It's been a while since I posted anything other than a lineup for Locker Talk. Let's see if I remember how!

  • The Saskatchewan Roughriders host the Calgary Stampeders tonight in the preseason finale for both clubs.
  • The Riders go into this one with lots of question marks on both sides of the ball.
  • I'll be looking to see how the offensive and defensive lines perform.  If the boys in the trenches win their one-on-one battles, that's a good sign.
  • I'll also be looking for someone to step up in the competition for the starting position at tailback and middle linebacker.
  • And, it'll be interesting to see how the temporary facelift for Mosaic Stadium is coming along. I assume some of the new additions (scoreboard, end zone seats) can be transferred to the new stadium, if and when such a facility is built.
  • It was fun talking football (and stuff) last night on CKRM's Sports Cage with Rod Pedersen and Chris Hodges.  Hopefully the listeners weren't scarred too badly by the experience!
  • I cringed when Rod described me as the "star" of Locker Talk on Access 7.  I think the guests are the stars, and I look at Mitch and I more like facilitators. But I appreciate the sentiment!
  • An interesting point was raised on the show last night.  If you sit on the bench seats at the stadium, and you arrive at the game to find some 250 + lb behemoth spilling over into half of your seat - what do you do? Tell them to move? Squish in?
  • It's official - I'll be the head coach of the RMF pee wee Unicorns again this season.  We're hoping to improve on last year's 5-4 record, and we might just have the crew to do it!
  •  Eight days and counting until the J-man and I make our annual southern Ontario pilgrimage. We're cutting our trip down to eight days because the boy refuses to miss the Riders' home opener on July 8th.  There's a diehard for ya!
  • Looks like it'll be a nice weekend to go for a run. Not saying I will, of course. Stupid plantar fasciitis. However a bike ride might be an option...

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