Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday Cheers and Jeers

A weekly collection of highlights and lesser lights, gleaned from the travels of your humble agent...

  • Boston Pizza (Moose Jaw). We stopped in on our way home from the J-man's wrestling tournament in Swift Current. The food was very good and the service was outstanding.
  • Regina Minor Football. A person doesn't mind spending a couple of hours scrubbing football helmets when the company is good, the pizza is hot and the beverages are chilled! There goes the diet - again.
  • New England Patriots and New York Giants. I'm still choked about the Packers not getting there, but at least the Pats and G-men saved us from the horror of an all-Harbaugh Super Bowl!


  • Athabasca University. Their credit transfer process is ridiculous. Thanks, but I'll be needing a little more than three credit hours for the time I spent at the University of Regina! Absurd.
  • Giselle Albert Photography. Really? Three months to process an order for some extra football pics from the Unicorns season? Not cool. The service had been excellent up until now, so let's hope it's a blip.
  • The news release from the Regina Pats announcing Rick Rypien bobblehead night. I'm not criticizing the idea, just the incredibly poor choice of words in the release.
  • The winter cold or flu bug that is hanging around and making me generally miserable. Even more so than usual!


Bev said...

I'm sure all that scrubbing work made up for the lapse in diet. :) And I'm with you on that cold/flu thing. So far it's twice since Christmas, here... Only good thing about the cold/flu stuff is that I don't feel like eating much, and too tired to cook unless I really need to eat.


- The Crave: Good food, and they even have a gluten-free dessert! That silky chocolate ganache is enough to make me want to go back many times, despite the price!

- Luiggi's is always good. Great service, good food. Yum.

- Carlton Cards. A tale of good customer relations. Bought a birthday card for my Mom from the 'Her Birthday' section -- only to find out later it was a Mother's Day card. In January? Anyway, I mentioned it to Carlton Cards on Twitter, and I just received three very good coupons from them, worth at least 3 cards.


- SaskTel - Not quite as good at customer service. My BlackBerry's been doing weird things all week, not accepting e-mails, and then telling me I didn't have a data plan when I have an unlimited data plan. Today, I got a message saying 'looks like it's all working now'. And that's it. But it's still doing weird things at times.

- SaskTel - Yep. They get it twice this week. My internet modem was doing cutting in and out, so I mentioned this to SaskTel on Twitter. They said to unplug it and plug it back in. I did, and it stayed cut out after that. So then they said to call support. When I did, I asked the guy if I could just take the modem in to have it looked at. Oh, no. Can't do that. Have to send a guy out. But we can't give you a definite time for 3 days. Fine. 3 days later, the SaskTel dude shows up, checks the power supply, gives me a new one, and 10 minutes later, he's gone. I was without Internet for 3 days because of this.

And, because my brain is still addled by the second cold, I'm not going to complain anymore. Because, as you noted, these bugs can make a person grumpy.

Happy to see you back on a regular basis!

Anonymous said...

Boo to Athabasca University.

I have certificates, diploma, and various professional upgrades with tangible experience as a Professional in my field.

3 credit hours too. It must be a standard line.