Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday thoughts

Here a thought, there a thought, everywhere a thought thought...

  • Is there any chance the Saskatchewan Roughriders will knock off the B.C. Lions at Mosaic Stadium on Sunday?
  • I suppose there's always a chance, but that's contingent upon the offense actually putting some points on the board.
  • What would you do? Would you let an injured Darian Durant play?
  • I don't think Ryan Dinwiddie is a realistic back-up plan. So that leaves third-stringer Cole Bergquist. Isn't it time to see if the kid can play?
  • Win, lose or draw, the RMF season will come to an end for the Unicorns on Monday night against the Vikings.
  • At least the kids get to wrap up the year with a game at Mosaic Stadium. That should get them properly motivated!
  • I wonder if the 2013 Grey Cup committee needs a full-time communications person. Just wondering...
  • The timing won't work, but wouldn't it be great if that 2013 championship was the last game played at the old Taylor Field? Dare to dream!
  • Is 2016 still the projected date for the opening of the new facility? Can't wait.
  • Speaking of 2013, wouldn't it be something if both the Saskatoon Blades (host team) and the Regina Pats (WHL champs) were in the Memorial Cup tournament that year?
  • Dare to dream again!
  • In the meantime, fans are enjoying the resurgence of the Pats under new head coach Pat Conacher - who has to be an early candidate for WHL coach of the year.
  • The Memorial Cup, the Junos and the Grey Cup are all coming to Saskatchewan in 2013. Better start resting up now!

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