Thursday, July 07, 2011

Thursday Cheers and Jeers

It's time for our weekly self-help guide and venting therapy. No charge!

  • The (majority of?) Rider fans who realize last weekend's sheet-soiling display in the season opener against Edmonton does not necessarily mean the green guys are destined for a horrible season.
  • Walmart (south Regina). I received some excellent service from assistant manager Joel (didn't get his last name) last weekend. And he gave me a sweet deal on some patio furniture. Consider me impressed!
  • Everyone who worked so hard on the renovation project for Leibel Field in Regina. That is one sweet looking facility. Can't wait to coach there this RMF season!
  • The parents who can't be bothered to return a phone call from their child's football coach. I can pretty well guarantee you that (in most cases) their children will be the ones who show up late for practice (if at all), put in minimal effort, and then whine when they get passed over for the so-called "prime" positions.
  • The less emotionally stable denizens of Rider Nation who have spent the past week issuing doom and gloom forecasts after the season-opening loss to the Eskimos. Get over it, ya drama queens!
  • The absolute wastes of skin who broke into homes in the flooded-out parts of southern Saskatchewan this year. They should be put on the front lines of future sandbagging efforts, for starters.

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