Friday, July 08, 2011

Friday thoughts

This is what I think. Feel free to agree, disagree, or disregard. That's the beauty of the interwebs!

  • Judging by the reaction of some "fans", the Saskatchewan Roughriders must be the worst 0-1 team in the history of professional football.
  • Seriously, they didn't look good in losing the season opener last weekend. But let's give it another week or two before calling for wholesale changes!
  • Everyone is looking for (hoping for?) an improved performance from the defensive line against Montreal this week. That likely won't translate into sacks, though.
  • The Als routinely give up the fewest sacks in the league, thanks to a combination of stellar offensive line play and Anthony Calvillo's quick release.
  • So, if the Riders can bat down, hurry or force AC to redirect passes, that would have to be considered a big accomplishment.
  • High Impact Wrestling is on the entertainment menu tonight at the Victoria Club. Looking forward to it!
  • Not only is the action in the ring fun to watch, so are the members of Regina's social elite who frequent these shows.
  • Really Brian Burke? You really think Tim Connolly should be the Toronto Maple Leafs' first-line centre? Good luck with that.
  • Which team should be considered the early contenders for the Stanley Cup next season? Don't rule out Pittsburgh, if Crosby and Malkin are back.
  • Will the loss in the Stanley Cup final inspire the Vancouver Canucks to dig even deeper next season? Or was that the beginning of the end for that team?
  • Note to self: Make sure the side gate is firmly locked before letting Dexter the hound out in the morning!
  • Many, many thanks to the unnamed lady who returned our wandering pooch home this morning. Talk about a scary start to the day!
  • Hey! Want people to take what you write seriously? Here's a free lesson: question marks (?) and exclamation points (!) are not interchangeable. Maybe write that down for future reference.

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Bev said...

After reading of Dexter's morning adventure, when I saw this headline, I immediately thought: Dexter? No way!

Dog found 4,500 km from home reunited with owners