Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday musings

An assortment of semi-lucid thoughts from a happy cheesehead:

  • The Green Bay Packers are back in the Super Bowl for the first time in 13 years!
  • It's time for the Pack to exorcise the demons of old Horse Face!
  • For the uninitiated, Horse Face is otherwise known as ex Denver Broncos quarterback John Elway, who led his team to victory over Green Bay in Super Bowl XXXII.
  • I think it's also time to mothball my old #4 Packers jersey and upgrade to a #12, in support of current Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers.
  • For the third straight playoff game, Dexter the dog will be resplendent in his canine-sized Packers jersey.
  • The Packers have an opportunity to beat my two least favourite NFL teams (Chicago and Pittsburgh) in back-to-back playoff games. I love it!
  • My hatred for the Steelers dates back to the 1970's, when a very young version of me cheered for Roger Staubach and the Cowboys.
  • I'm not saying Terry Bradshaw is the Antichrist, but I'm fairly sure I saw horns sticking out of his helmet in Super Bowl XIII.
  • The atom Cougars had a great year, the Riders played in the Grey Cup and the Packers are in the Super Bowl. The 2010 football season is gonna be a tough one to top!
  • Which is good, because hockey season hasn't been such a treat the last few years!
  • Is anybody else looking forward to seeing Sidney Crosby suit up for Canada with the likes of Steven Stamkos, Taylor Hall, Jordan Eberle and Matt Duchene in the future? Oh yes, there will be offense!
  • I dined at the Rock Creek Tap and Grill (for the first time) on the weekend. Very enjoyable!
  • Surely that wasn't my kid with a happy face shaved into the back of his head this weekend! A happy face? WTF?
  • It's been almost a month. Is it time for my mom to leave the hospital yet?

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