Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday thoughts

It's been a while, hope I remember how to do this! (Boy, isn't that the story of my life!):

  • It sounds like Andy Fantuz will be signing with the NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers. I'm not sure how to break it to my boy that his favourite Rider is moving on.
  • Granted, Fantuz may still be back in Rider green at some point this year, but that may not happen until the mid-point of the season - assuming he goes through an entire NFL camp.
  • And that's assuming NFL teams actually hold training camps in 2011. The threat of a labour disruption still looms over the most successful outfit in pro sports.
  • Not that you were planning to, but don't try to reach me Sunday afternoon between 2:00-5:30. The Packers take on the Bears in the NFC championship at that time. I will ignore you.
  • Aaron Rodgers is quickly making me forget about 'ole what's his name. You know, the guy that used to play quarterback for the Packers.
  • It's possible the Pack will beat my two least favourite teams (Chicago and Pittsburgh) in their next two games. That would be exceptionally sweet.
  • J.S. Giguere is open to the idea of being traded away from the Toronto Maple Leafs. Who isn't?
  • It's probably time that I made my way over to the Brandt Centre to check out this year's edition of the Regina Pats. Long overdue, actually.
  • Unless somebody goes on a big-time tear, the Pats will finish the season with only one 20 goal scorer (Jordan Weal). Is that an indictment of the players, or the system?
  • Planning is about to begin for our 2011 Regina Minor Football adventure. Watch out for the pee wee Unicorns, who are about to become a huge rags to riches story!
  • Seriously, they went 0-9 last year. How much worse can our coaching staff do?
  • The bronchitis is almost cleared up. Just in time to start getting my butt kicked in Krav Maga again. Yippee.
  • Looking for a surprisingly good read? Try Open, the autobiography of former pro tennis enfant terrible Andre Agassi. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • Now, I'm on to Playing With Fire, the tale of former NHL star Theo Fleury. It's not as well written, but it's equally engrossing.

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Anonymous said...

Theoren Fleury's book was an engaging read, I had difficulties putting it down.