Monday, December 09, 2013

Monday Musings

What can I say, I've been a little busy! I shall attempt to blog a little more regularly, but I make no promises!

  • People sure don't let a celebration linger in these parts, do they? The very night the Riders won the Grey Cup, people were phoning CKRM's call-in show expressing angst about next year's team! 
  • Much of that angst surrounds the upcoming CFL expansion draft, and whether stalwarts Kory Sheets and Weston Dressler will be successful in their upcoming auditions for NFL teams.
  • Sure, there are reasons to be concerned (including potential defections of assistant coaches who are wooed by other clubs), but I'm choosing to put some faith in the braintrust of Brendan Taman, Jeremy O'Day and Corey Chamblin. They've earned it!
  • Who predicted Geroy Simon was going to be a factor in the Grey Cup? Well, I did. Check the tape!
  • Oh look, the Ohio State Buckeyes soiled the sheets in a big game! Same as it ever was, same as it ever was...
  • I may shift my college football allegiance. Stanford looks like a program I could get behind.
  • I'm finding that the best way to get over the sting of a (very, very, very) disappointing RMF season is to start making plans for next year. Learn from your mistakes, or be doomed to repeat them.
  • Well, that leads nicely to a look at the Toronto Maple Leafs! I came to the realization this weekend that the Leafs are trying so hard to be (and as a result, beat) the Boston Bruins, that they have no real identity of their own. I'll expand on this theory in an upcoming post.
  • This year's edition of the Regina Pats deserves better fan support. I understand that some fans have become jaded about the product, but these kids deserve to play in front of bigger crowds.
  • 2014 has the potential to be a year of tremendous change, both personally and professionally. That's the plan, at least! So feel free to flood my inbox with offers! :)

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