Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday musings

Various thoughts in the aftermath of Grey Cup Sunday:

  • Losing the Grey Cup on a last play field goal is heartbreaking. Having that kick come on the heels of a missed kick that should have ended the game is doubly heartbreaking. Having the Als get a second chance to kick the field goal because of an illegal substitution penalty is tragic beyond words.
  • The Rider player who failed to come off the field when the coaches called for the field goal "block" unit screwed up. Huge. However, nothing would be gained by the rest of us knowing who that person was/is.
  • Quite frankly, there's enough blame to go around for that fourth quarter collapse.
  • If the Riders had picked up one (ONE!) first down after Montreal's failed two point conversion, Rider Nation would be celebrating today, instead of mourning.
  • Give Anthony Calvillo and the Als credit though. They figured out a way to get it done.
  • Darian Durant played better than you would expect a first year starter to, but those two interceptions (one of which was not his fault) he served up were devastating.
  • I guess we had to have one final parallel to 1976. The Riders finished first in the West for the first time since that year, hosted the west final for the first time since '76, and lost the Grey Cup in heartbreaking fashion - just like 33 years ago.
  • With the abundance of young talent on this team, and the return of a few key injured players (Weston Dressler, Belton Johnson, Wayne Smith), 2010 is shaping up to be a very exciting 100th anniversary year for the green guys.
  • Was last night's game the final hurrah for veterans like Gene Makowsky, Jeremy O'Day and Chris Szarka? If so, they should be applauded for their outstanding careers, and major contributions to this year's successes.
  • And of course, the big question mark heading into the offseason - will Eric Tillman be back as general manager in 2010?
  • In the meantime, I hope lots of fans show up at Mosaic Stadium at 2:30 this afternoon to welcome home the West Division champs, and congratulate them on an outstanding 2009 season.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ouch. That one will leave a mark

I guess a person should congratulate the Montreal Alouettes for storming back to beat the Saskatchewan Roughriders 28-27 in the Grey Cup. While we're at it, congrats to the Riders on a terrific season, which very nearly ended with the fourth championship in team history. Those are the positives. And now:

  • The Rider defence played a great first three quarters, but then couldn't get a stop when it counted the most. Damn!
  • Even a high school special teams coordinator would know you did not need a kick returner in the end zone when Damon Duval lined up for the field goal at the end of the game.
Gather 'round, and let me explain why:
  • The Riders were winning by two points with five seconds left on the clock.
  • Normally, when the opposing team lines up for a field goal, a defensive back drops back into the end zone, in case of a miss.
  • In this case, some bright light on the Rider sideline panicked, and sent in Jason Armstead, thinking they needed to return a missed field goal out of the end zone.
  • They did not. When Duval missed, all the Rider player in the end zone had to do was catch the ball and take a knee. Saskatchewan would give up one point, and still win the game 27-26.
So, whomever sent Armstead onto the field screwed up. The player that Armstead replaced screwed up by (presumably) not coming off the field. The refs throw their flags, Duval gets a second chance, and the hearts are ripped out of Rider fans - not unlike 1976.

Having vented, I can now thank the Riders for an exciting season. I also hope Rob Bagg isn't injured too severely. Only seven more months until training camp, folks!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday thoughts

An assortment, possibly even a potpourri, of thoughts:

  • If Darian Durant is on, the Riders have a definite chance against Montreal in Sunday's Grey Cup.
  • If he isn't, and Anthony Calvillo is, the score could get pretty lopsided.
  • If Wes Cates rushes for 100 yards, the Riders win. No question.
  • The last time Cates hit the century mark was on September 26th against Edmonton, when he rushed 17 times for 103 yards. The Riders beat Edmonton 23-20 in that game.
  • Defensively, it's pretty simple. If you can make Anthony Calvillo uncomfortable, you have a chance.
  • If Calvillo has time, he will pick apart any defence.
  • Prediction: Saskatchewan 26 Montreal 21

In other news...

  • The Regina Pats have been on a pretty nice roll lately, winning 4 of their last 5.
  • With football season about to wrap up, the Pats couldn't pick a better time to get hot. Hopefully that translates into butts in the seats when the team returns to the Brandt Centre for games next weekend against Brandon and Prince Albert.
  • Are the Wheat Kings - this year's Memorial Cup hosts - a legitimate contending team? Right now I'd rate them no higher than 5th in the WHL, behind Saskatoon, Calgary, Vancouver and Tri-City.
  • Well, I officially joined the board of the Lakeshore Tennis Club last night. Time to shake things up around that place!
  • I'm off to the J-man's school this afternoon for the parent-teacher interview. Based on the results of his report card, I'm thinking this encounter should go pretty smoothly!
  • Anyone up for lunch? You're buying!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thursday Cheers and Jeers

The Grey Cup week edition of Cheers and Jeers:

  • The thousands of Saskatchewanians (past, present and future) who will descend on McMahon Stadium Sunday, giving the Roughriders a home field advantage in the Grey Cup.
  • The people all over Regina who've been displaying their Rider Pride by wearing green all week long.
  • The J-man. One heck of an impressive first report card of the year! Way to go son!
  • Boston Pizza (north Albert). The J-man's choice for his report card celebration supper. The food and service were dandy.
  • Chapters. We were crazy enough to hit the store on a Saturday afternoon, and still made it through a massive lineup fairly quickly.
  • O'Hanlon's. The garlic cheese fries were garlicky. And cheesy. Just the way I likes 'em!


  • I don't have any this week! Either that, or I'm refusing to let anyone rain on my personal Grey Cup parade.

Go ahead, let 'em rip!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Show me a sign Lord! Just one sign!


I always knew the Riders had fans in high places!

Even these guys are getting in on the act!

Who says there's nothing good on the internet?

I need to meet the woman who writes the following blog. She's my kind of funny!

And she cooks!

SportZone lineup for November 24

Here's the lineup for this week's show, airing tonight at 9 p.m. and tomorrow at 3 p.m. on Access channel 7:

SportZone Guests for November 24/09
Community Co-Host: Corey Matthews

1. (U of R segment) An update on the University of Regina men’s basketball team. Guest: James Hillis (Head Coach).

2. (Team profile) An update on preparations for the 2010 season for Regina’s Prairie Fire rugby squad. Guest: Jered Kirkland (Head Coach/Captain).

3. (Elementary school segment - ENG) A report on the city public elementary school volleyball finals. Reporter: Brendan Pawliw

4. (U of R segment) An update on the University of Regina men’s volleyball team. Guest: Greg Barthel (Head Coach).

5. (CFL segment) A preview of the 2009 Grey Cup, featuring the Riders and Montreal Alouettes. Guest: John Lynch (Rider broadcaster).

SportZone trivia: The Montreal Alouettes and Saskatchewan Roughriders have never met in the Grey Cup. However, the Montreal Winged Wheelers beat the Regina Roughriders 22-0 to win the Grey Cup in which year? Answer: 1931.

Congratulations to Eileen Roles of Regina, who won a free medium pizza from Panago for sending in the first correct answer!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holy sour grapes!

Okay Rick, you know how I know that you're a loser?

Sometimes it's better just to be thought an idiot, than to start typing and remove all doubt!


Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday musings

Green is the colour around here this week!

  • Congrats to the Saskatchewan Roughriders, who spotted Calgary a 10-0 lead, then roared back to beat the Stamps 27-17 in the CFL West final.
  • Who would have thought the Riders would go undefeated in four games against the defending champs this season? I did not.
  • Who would have thought Darian Durant would completely outplay Henry Burris in the biggest game of the season (so far)? I did not.
  • Darian Durant threw three touchdown passes last night. All of them were caught by Canadian receivers. When's the last time THAT happened in a conference championship game?
  • Did you notice how much better the Riders' secondary was with Eddie Davis back in the lineup? Welcome back, ED!
  • Next up (gulp), the Montreal Alouettes.
  • Let's face it, the Als are scary good.
  • However, I'm not ready to count the Riders out against anybody anymore!
  • How exactly are any of us supposed to get any work done this week? We have Grey Cup parties to plan, damnit!

In other news...

  • Don't look now, but the Regina Pats have won three in a row, including 2-2 on their six game road trip.
  • I officially made the transition to part-time Toronto Maple Leaf fan on the weekend. It feels.....liberating!
  • My new team, the Chicago Blackhawks, has won seven games in a row. I'm not sure how to react to that level of success.
  • Of course you know that if the Leafs manage to string together 2-3 wins in a row, I'll be right back in their evil clutches, don't you?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday Cheers and Jeers

First off, a thumbs up for the following folks, who have donated (or are going to donate) raffle prizes for the Atom Tier 3 Blackhawks hockey tournament in December:
  • SaskPower
  • Regina Pats
  • Regina Thunder
  • Regina Red Sox
  • Capital Pontiac
  • Prairie Fire Rugby
  • U of R Cougars
  • Gus Giannoutsos, Massage Therapist
  • SaskEnergy

If you, or your company, can lend a hand - let me know! We're especially hoping to find someone to sponsor the cost of prizes for all the players at the end of the tournament. It's a write off for you, and a great treat for about 75 kids.

Now, the usual Thursday stuff:


  • Classic Landscape Company - not cheap, but they do good work.
  • Lakeview Fine Foods - also not cheap, but a great choice for a quick grocery run.
  • Hill Avenue Drugs - friendly staff, and they'll fill your prescription on the spot!
  • Press Box Sports Bar - a great place for before or after the big game.
  • Jersey City (Cornwall Centre) - great selection, and if they don't have it, they'll get it for you.


  • Walmart (Southland Mall) - two tills open at 6 pm on a Saturday? TWO!
  • Eddie Bauer (Cornwall Centre) - it gets a little frustrating to see lots of good stuff on the Eddie Bauer website, only to find the local store never has any of that good stuff in stock!

That's my list. Who made yours this week?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

SportZone lineup for November 17

Here's the lineup for this week's show, which aired last night and again this afternoon at 3 p.m. on Access channel 7:

SportZone Guests for November 17/09
Community Co-Host: Corey Matthews

1. (Event Profile) A preview of the upcoming Regina Golden Cup boxing event, to be held at the New Line Boxing Academy. Guest: Moses Ali (NLBA President).

2. (U of R segment) An update on the University of Regina women’s hockey team. Guest: Sarah Howald (Head Coach).

3. (U of R segment) A post-mortem on the 2009 season for the University of Regina Rams. Guests: Bjorn Person (Defensive lineman), Marc Mueller (Rams quarterback) & Perri Scarcelli (Kicker).

4. (High school segment - ENG) A report on the city 5A high school volleyball finals. Reporter: Brendan Pawliw.

5. (U of R segment) The University of Regina cross country team celebrates a successful conclusion to the 2009 season. Guests: Dale Wig & Eric Benjamin (Cougar runners).

6. (Event profile) A preview of the 2010 World Junior hockey championships, coming up next month in Regina and Saskatoon. Guest: Al Ford (WJHC Assistant G.M.)

SportZone trivia: When were the World Junior Hockey Championships last held in Saskatchewan?

Answer: 1991. Congratulations to Devin Malakoff, who correctly answered this week's question and scored himself a free medium pizza from Panago. It's just that easy, folks!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday musings

Really? It's Monday already? Damn!

  • A good time was had at the Pats game Friday night, despite the outcome of the game (4-3 win by Moose Jaw).
  • The Warriors - trailing 2-1 at the time - called a timeout about halfway through the second period, and kicked their game into a higher gear after that. The Pats did not.
  • Good times at the Press Box afterwards with local legends Mitch Blair and Kelly Remple, the Access Comm Pats broadcast team.
  • So, it's the Calgary Stampeders again, is it?
  • Sunday's CFL west final matchup between the Riders and Stamps has the makings of a classic.
  • Can the Riders hold off Reynolds, Burris, Copeland et al one more time?
  • How loud will the stadium be? Let's hope the fans kick their game up a notch too!
  • I may bring earplugs for the J-man, as it could (hell, it should) get that loud.
  • That New England vs Indianapolis game last night was amazing. How can you not enjoy watching Tom Brady duel Peyton Manning for four quarters?
  • Bill Belichek's arrogance cost his team that win. Going for it on 4th and two with over two minutes left in the game was a ridiculous decision, and a slap in the face to his defence.
  • If you had to pick the NFL MVP right now, who would it be? Manning? Drew Brees? (this one hurts) Brett Favre?
  • Attention Toronto Maple Leafs: It's just not working out between us right now. I think we need to see other people for a while. Go Blackhawks!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday thoughts

No animals were harmed during the testing of these thoughts:

  • It's time to see for myself how much the Regina Pats have improved in the past few weeks. I'll see if I can squeeze in with Rod and Al in the CKRM booth tonight.
  • How can you not get psyched for a home-and-home set with Moose Jaw?
  • I guarantee the Moose Javians in attendance will be loud and proud tonight. It'd be nice if the Pats fans drowned them out for once!
  • Is it too early to put up a few Christmas decorations this weekend? Not the tree, just a few smaller things around the house. Or is it too soon?
  • It sounds like there are only single tickets left for the CFL western final next weekend in Regina.
  • Would you go to a football game alone? I've done it, when the J-man bailed out (well, it wasn't actually him who bailed, but I digress) at the last minute. It's not the best scenario, that's for sure.
  • I think I'll be cheering for the Eskimos this weekend. They've already beaten the Riders twice at Mosaic Stadium this season. NO WAY are they gonna go three-for-three!
  • Seriously, can anyone stop the Montreal Alouettes?
  • Hurray for Regina's Paul Woldu, who scored his first CFL touchdown last week. Paul plays defensive back for the Als.
  • Well, it doesn't look like Toronto's NBA team will be a championship contender this year. Add the Raptors to the list with the Leafs, Blue Jays and Argos.
  • With the Rider playoff game still not a sellout, and plenty of tickets still available for the World Junior hockey tournament, I've been wondering: Should Regina be considered a great sports town?
  • Sure, the Riders do very well at the gate. But the Pats rarely fill the Brandt Centre, the Rams are lucky to get 2000 people to one of their games, and the other U of R teams average crowds in the dozens.
  • Maybe this is strictly a CFL city. Which would be too bad, actually.
  • Does every quarterback automatically suck as soon as they slip on a Chicago Bears jersey? Add Jay Cutler to the list.
  • As a diehard Packers fan, I want to hate Brett Favre. He's a Minnesota Viking, so I should hate Brett Favre. But, yet...part of me wonders if he has one more magical run left in him. I may even hope he does. Damn, I'm conflicted.
  • I hate Friday the 13th. I'm just sayin'.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday Cheers and Jeers

Yes, it's another installment of the ridiculously popular Cheers and Jeers!

  • Campbell and Haliburton Insurance. Mel is always looking to save me a buck or two.
  • 4 Seasons Sports Palace. I'm liking the new screens!
  • Airport Health Professionals. They'll crack your back, and crack you up!


  • Applebee's (south Regina). A dishsoap aftertaste with my ginger ale tainted an otherwise enjoyable dining experience.
  • Everyone who cast ballots in the RMF coach of the year popularity contest. No mercy for you next year!

It's been kind of a slow week. Got anything to add to the list?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

SportZone lineup for November 11

Here's the lineup for this week's show, airing today at 3 p.m. on Access channel 7:

SportZone Guests for November 11/09
Community Co-Host: Corey Matthews

1. (Team profile) A profile of the Pilot Butte Storm, defending south division champions in the Prairie Junior B Hockey League. Guests: Chris Lewgood (Head Coach) & Garrett Ferguson (Captain)

2. (Team profile) A look back at the 2009 season for the Regina Thunder junior football club. Guests: Reid Quest (Quarterback) & Jordy Kyle (Offensive lineman).

3. (Event profile) A preview of the 2009 Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League season. Guest: Laury Ryan (SJHLPresident).

4. (High school segment) The Winston Knoll Wolverines celebrate a city 4A high school football championship. Guests: Kelly Adams (Head Coach), Landon Bessel (Quarterback) & Mitchell Thompson (Receiver).

5. (Event profile) A preview of the 2009/10 Hockey Regina season. Guest: Blair Watson (HRI Executive Director).

SportZone trivia: Prior to Erwin Klempner in 2009, who was the only Regina Thunder coach to win coach of the year in the Prairie Football Conference? And in which year? Send us your answer, and your contact information. The first correct response scores a delicious medium pizza from Panago!

Monday, November 09, 2009

Monday musings

Out, damn thoughts! (never thought you'd get a Shakespeare reference here, did ya?)

  • Congrats to the Riders for finishing first in the CFL's west division for the first time in 33 years.
  • Can Darian Durant bounce back from a lousy game or what? Durant and Andy Fantuz were huge against the Stamps Saturday night.
  • Before the season started, I predicted the Riders would go 10-8 this year. 10-7-1 is pretty close, isn't it?
  • Somebody ought to tell a local radio sportscaster that Ryan Getzlaf plays for the Anaheim Ducks, and his brother Chris catches passes for the Riders.
  • I hate it when Rider fans feel the need to find fault with the performance of their team after a win. ie: "Sure we won, but the offence didn't score any points in the third quarter again."
  • Guess what? The Riders didn't play a perfect game in either the '07 or '89 Grey Cups, and those games still turned out pretty well.
  • This province and many of its football fans seem to really have a hard time dealing with success. It's as if they're always waiting for something to go horribly wrong.
  • Oh, and it would be good if some fans (and some radio hosts) educated themselves on what is, and what isn't, a horse collar tackle. Lesson #1 - grabbing a ball carrier by the back of his jersey does not necessarily mean it's a horse collar tackle.
  • CFL refs make enough mistakes, let's not crucify them for the calls they actually get right!
  • Hey, the Regina Pats are starting to win a few games. Come see for yourself, you might be pleasantly surprised.
  • Is it too soon to start the campaign to have Jordan Eberle named the CHL Player of the Year? He has to be considered an early contender.
  • Thud. That's the sound of the University of Regina Rams' season coming to a sudden stop in Saskatoon on Saturday. The Rams just weren't in the same league as the Huskies and Calgary Dinos this year. Mind you, neither were any other teams in Canada West.
  • Checked out the new Applebees in the south end last night. The food and service were quite acceptable, although the dish soap aftertaste with my ginger ale was not!

Friday, November 06, 2009

Riders secondary DOESN'T take another hit

EDIT: Fortunately, the following rumour turned out to be false. Or at least not entirely accurate. So much for impeccable sources!

The Saskatchewan Roughriders may be without the services of veteran cornerback Omarr Morgan for tomorrow night's regular season finale against the Calgary Stampeders. A source very close to the situation says Morgan is heading home to California to be with his ill mother and will miss the first place showdown with the Stamps.

If that's the case, that creates a very big hole in a defensive secondary already missing halfback Eddie Davis, who is out at least another week with a knee injury.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Thursday Cheers and Jeers

Back by popular demand, our weekly look at the stars and the duds in the world of customer service. I'll start:

  • WestJet. They get you where you need to go, and treat you like your business actually matters to them. Imagine!
  • Tumblers. If it's not the best pizza in town, it's certainly in the top three.
  • Regina Dental Group (Pasqua south location). As pleasant an experience as going to the dentist can be.


  • Level Corp (again). Gee, it only took an "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau to get their attention!
  • Tumblers. Love the pie, but $30 for a large pizza? That's kinda steep.
  • Sandman Hotel (downtown Vancouver). First they "misplaced" our reservation, then - despite advertising their fitness facility on their website - tell us it's a private gym, and it'll cost us an extra $8 a day to work out there. Oh, and the gym sucked.

Feel free to add your cheers and jeers to the list!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Oh, the hilarity!

I just had to share this rib-tickler from earlier today...

So, I'm listening to a morning sportscast on the local news/talk station. A report comes on, previewing the upcoming "winner take first" matchup between the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Calgary Stampeders. Pretty straightforward stuff.

Now, as all hardcore Rider fans know, Saskatchewan is the only CFL team without a 1000 yard rusher this season. Riders tailback Wes Cates has 876 yards on the ground, with one game left. Again, pretty straightforward.

But, I just about gagged on my toothpaste when the reporter told the world that Cates is "124 yards away from the century mark on the season". Excuse me? Pardon? Let me see if I have this right - Cates is 124 yards away from 100? He has -24 yards so far this season? Oh, I see.

I'm just sayin'...

SportZone lineup for November 3

Here's the lineup for this week's show. It aired last night at 9 p.m. and repeats today at 3 p.m. It may hit the airwaves a third time for all I know. Check the Access listings, if you're so inclined!

SportZone Guests for November 3/09
Community Co-Host: Carlo Palazzo

1. (Sports/Leisure segment) The Jaleta Pacers running club launches a charity fundraising calendar. Guests: Ted Jaleta & Nicole Filteau (Jaleta Pacers).

2. (Regina sport spotlight) A look at the different sports programs run in Regina public schools. Guest: Kevin Gabel (RPS Elementary Sports Coordinator).

3. (High school segment - ENG) A report on the 2009 Regina high school 3A boys and girls soccer finals. Reporter: Brendan Pawliw.

4. (Event profile) A preview of the 2009 Saskatchewan amateur boxing championships, hosted by the Lonsdale Boxing Club. Guest: Frank Fiacco (LBC President).

5. (U of R segment) A profile of the University of Regina women’s softball team. Guests: Kevin Holmes (Assistant Coach).

SportZone trivia: How many times has Regina's Ted Jaleta won the Echo Valley 20km road race? Send us your answer, and your contact information, for a chance to win a medium pizza from Panago!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Rams in, Eberle honoured

A couple of news releases to pass along:

Rams in postseason after Manitoba forfeits wins

The University of Manitoba’s football team forfeited three victories on Tuesday because of the use of an ineligible player, moving the Regina Rams into the fourth and final playoff position in Canada West.

Manitoba used an ineligible student-athlete for its first five games of the season. As per Canada West bylaws, the use of an ineligible player results in forfeiture of games in which the student-athlete was deemed ineligible. The two games won by Manitoba over UBC and Alberta have been changed to losses and wins for the two opponents. The third game, Manitoba at Simon Fraser has been declared "no contest" because both teams used an ineligible player. The final scores for the two forfeited games are recorded as 1-0 forfeits by Manitoba. All statistics for the three games will remain intact.

The Rams (3-5) will now play the Saskatchewan Huskies (7-1) in the conference semifinals on Saturday. Game time is scheduled for 1 p.m. at Griffiths Stadium in Saskatoon. The winner of the game will advance to the Hardy Cup, where they’ll take on either Alberta or No. 2-ranked Calgary in the Canada West championship game.

The Rams held a film session on Monday evening. The team will return to practice on Tuesday, and is scheduled to be on the field at 7 p.m.


CALGARY, AB. – The Western Hockey League announced today that forward Jordan Eberle, of the Regina Pats, has been named the HUSKY WHL Player of the Month for September/October.

Since his return from the Edmonton Oilers on September 29th, the 19 year-old forward has made an immediate impact with the Pats recording 25 points in 12 games through September/October. Eberle has found the net 12 times and has assisted on 13 others all while maintaining a plus minus rating of +5. He is currently on a seven game point streak and has recorded a point in 11 of 12 games played since his return, including four multi-goal and eight multi-point games; Eberle also leads the WHL in the points per game category averaging 2.08 Pt/G.

Eberle’s consistent play has helped the Regina Pats achieve a .500 record (5-5-2-0) since his return and his efforts have also earned him a Three Star selection in six of his 12 games played, with two being 1st Stars.

Eberle, originally from Regina, Saskatchewan, was a first round – 22nd overall selection of the Edmonton Oilers at the 2008 NHL Entry Draft.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Monday musings

Thoughts. Just the thoughts, ma'am:

  • Wow, the Saskatchewan Roughriders looked awful in Saturday's 24-6 loss in Hamilton.
  • However, the Riders still clinched a home playoff game, thanks to Calgary's win over the B.C. Lions.
  • If Saskatchewan can knock off Calgary in Saturday's regular-season finale, the green guys finish in first for the first time since 1976.
  • At some point, the Riders are really going to have to run the ball with someone other than Darian Durant.
  • Run blocking and pass protection have to improve. Immediately.
  • Offensive lineman Chris Best doesn't look like he's ready for prime time.
  • The defensive secondary misses Eddie Davis. A lot.
  • Darian Durant has to get rid of the football quicker.
  • In other news...
  • The Green Bay Packers can't seem to beat the Brett Favre-led Minnesota Vikings.
  • I keep waiting for Favre to run out of gas, as he did last year with the Jets. Still waiting...
  • Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is a player, but he also has to learn to get rid of the ball faster.
  • Even if the University of Regina Rams sneak into the Canada West playoffs on a technicality, doesn't that just mean they'll get stomped by the U of S two weeks in a row?
  • The New York Yankees are on the verge of another World Series title. Which is another reason why I rarely watch baseball anymore.
  • Damned if I know why, but I've become hooked on the show Criminal Minds on A&E.
  • It's no SportZone on Access 7, but it's pretty good.
  • For anyone attending the RMF coaches appreciation night on November 10th: You could do a lot worse than casting a ballot for the Cougars in the atom Coach of the Year competition! I'm just sayin'...