Thursday, April 03, 2008

Tape scandal at the legislature

I would suggest this could be a little problematic for the new provincial government, and the federal conservative party in Saskatchewan. What the hell were these guys thinking?


Anonymous said...

Cmon Pete

I can only imagine what someone like you was doing and saying 16 years ago. Should we condemn you too??? Quit sounding like a shill for Pat Atkinson. The NDP should be ashamed of themselves. I'm sure Pat has been a choir-girl with everything she has said and done---then again looking at her.................

Pac58 said...

16 years ago.........I would have just been starting out on my media career. Thank GOD there aren't any tapes from those days!

Still, for someone with political aspirations (Tom, specifically) to make those kinds of comments while being taped? Holy bad judgement!

Me shill for the NDP? Good one.

Bev said...

Although what was said was appalling, yes, it could be considered normal booze-inspired youthful behaviour. However, there are a few things that make it just plain stupid.

1) These were people already involved in politics (not just 'maybe someday I'll run for office'). These people should at least have been knowledgeable enough to see what this sort of behaviour could look like from the outside.

2) Tom Lukiwski was NOT young. He even mentioned his age himself. The man was 40 years old. He should *definitely* have known better.

3) They *allowed* themselves to be videotaped saying these things. And they knew they were being taped. (The whole first part of the transcript was basically 'Is this thing on?')

4) They left the tape behind when they moved out of the Opposition offices!

I agree with Pete: What were they thinking? This, plus Mr. Wall's open, uncoerced public admission that he allowed his 14-year-old daughter to illegally drive on country roads makes him (and his party) seem to be irresponsible and immature. Do normal people do these things? Yes, but politicians have to have a higher accountability. They are our *representatives*. They *represent* us. So even if they are normal people behind the scenes, in public they have to be better than normal.

Do you think these people have learned that some things can be said in public, and others should be kept private or even hidden? Or the difference between 'inside voice' and 'outside voice'? We can only hope.

Pac58 said...

The phrase "Not quite ready for prime time" comes to mind. But so does "It was REALLY time for a change".

Chalk it up to growing pains, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Hey, if you want scandalous video, look at the last five minutes of The Leafs's season: cross-checking, fighting and a two-handed slash.

tsk tsk tsk

That's another 40 years' bad luck

Pac58 said...

How could they resist? The Habs make such easy, and deserving, targets.