Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Fabulous Favre Tribute

This is an amazing video tribute to Brett Favre, served up by some of the greatest athletes of all time. In case you missed it, Favre announced his retirement from the Green Bay Packers yesterday, after 17 record-setting seasons in the NFL.

Favre retires as the all-time NFL leader in passing yards, touchdowns, wins, consecutive starts and interceptions. The debate is already on as to whether he was the greatest quarterback of all-time. For my money, he's in the top three with Montana and Unitas.

Personally, I'm really gonna miss watching Favre play quarterback for the Packers. I'll still cheer for the Pack every chance I get, but it just won't be the same without #4. He was without a doubt the most exciting/frustrating, exhilarating/bewildering, courageous/reckless athlete I've ever had the pleasure of watching. Thanks for the memories, Brett.

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