Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday musings

Always nice to start the work week with a clean slate, so let's do some cleaning:

  • I thought the Riders looked a little flat when they came out of the tunnel for their game against the B.C. Lions Saturday afternoon.
  • But, I certainly didn't anticipate a 42-5 beat down! Who did?
  • So, now the playoffs are a definite long shot for the Riders. Who would have expected that, after trips to three of the past four Grey Cups?
  • The RMF Unicorns are gearing up for a rare mid-week matchup against the Razorbacks. We've been fortunate to play almost all of our games on weekends the past couple of years.
  • Congrats to the U of Rams for posting their first win of the season, and to the Regina Thunder for running their winning streak to two games.
  • A great start for the Regina Pats under new head coach Pat Conacher, as the Pats took both ends of a home-and-home set with Swift Current on the opening weekend of the WHL season.
  • I don't think fans expect the Pats to be world beaters this season, but they do expect a competitive, hard-working team. So far, so good!
  • Thanks to Carlo Palazzo for filling in for me on Locker Talk the next two weeks. Football coaching responsibilities are keeping me out of the broadcast studio (is that cheering I hear? Ouch).
  • I have to admit, a person doesn't usually expect to encounter "roid rage" at Gold's Gym. What a weird experience that was.
  • If this weather continues, raking leaves might almost be enjoyable this year. Almost.
  • The Detroit Lions and the Buffalo Bills are both 3-0? Is this the NFL's version of bizarro world? Mind you, the Packers are also 3-0, so I have no complaints!

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