Monday, February 11, 2008

Glad that's over!

What a bizarre weekend! Saturday I tumbled out of bed at 5:30 to hit the road to Strasbourg for Jacob's hockey tournament. Unfortunately, that meant missing all three games of the Pats vs Warriors weekend. Mind you, Ronald and Lurch have the same lovely (broken picket fence) smiles as Theo Fleury, so it was almost like being at the alumni game. Almost.

On the ice, the Jakester rediscovered his scoring touch with two goals. Sadly, that accounted for 66% of the scoring for the novice Bullets. Not exactly a juggernaut squad, but the kids are having fun. I even got to do some public address announcing at the tournament - just like old times!

Sunday morning, it was over to the Al Ritchie for an 8 a.m. game. It was exciting, but the Bullets dropped a 5-4 nailbiter. Then I returned home to discover my internet service was out of commission. That's awesome. Hence the posting from work this morning. Shhh!

Did you happen to read the Pats 90th anniversary insert in Saturday's paper? Wow, was that badly written! I laughed out loud when reading about Rod Pedersen experiencing the "high sand lows" with the Pats. Or, was that supposed to be "highs and lows"? Just one of many mutilations of the language in that insert. Tragic, really.

And tragic also describes the antics of some Moose Jaw fans I'm hearing about this morning. Fighting in the stands? Spitting at the Pats alumni players? Seriously, spitting? Who the hell does that? Mind you, I suppose a "feller" can really get some velocity going when firing through those gap-toothed grins. Go with your strengths, I guess.


Bee said...

Apparently spitting is the thing to do in Moose Jaw...A "lady" in 116 spit on a lady in 117 on her way out after tha game and I watched Ellerby spit at the linesman on his way to the penalty box right before Mr. Hunchak's misconduct.

Pac58 said...

I heard about that charming woman. Apparently she brought her kids to the game too! How proud they must be.

Seriously, spitting? Who - outside of kindergarten kids and soccer players in Europe and South America - would even think to do that? Then again, perhaps "think" isn't the right word to use in this case.