Wednesday, May 20, 2015

End of an Era?

One of Regina's most iconic high school football programs is on life support. Members of the Thom Trojans football team recently learned their annual spring football camp has been cancelled, following the resignation of the team's head coach. In addition, a couple of veteran assistant coaches are poised to transfer to other schools in the fall. Administrators are looking for options, including exploring the possibility of merging the football programs at Thom and Johnson Collegiate.

It's another stomach punch for the kids and teachers at Thom, who have had a nightmarish 2015 so far - including the murder of a female classmate and subsequent charges being laid against two male Thom students, as well as a fatal traffic accident on the Ring Road that led to charges against another Thom student.

Here's hoping the Trojans football program can be brought back from the brink, and start to restore some of the school spirit for which Thom was so well known in past years.

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