Monday, June 02, 2008

Monday musings

Finally, a few free moments to compose my thoughts:

  • Football Saskatchewan put on a pretty good Level 1 technical clinic in Saskatoon on the weekend. I like that town, although not enough to live there again.
  • Who knew the Detroit Red Wings would dispose of the Pittsburgh Penguins so quickly?
  • T.J. Stancil - what happened?
  • Other than that, no huge surprises in the early going at Rider training camp.
  • Starting a new job and going to a job interview on the same day. Never a dull moment around here!
  • I drove past that big accident near Lumsden Saturday afternoon. I felt just awful for the injured people, until I heard they were driving a stolen car. Thankfully they didn't hurt anyone else.
  • Jacob's ball team went 1-2 in their tournament this weekend. Back at it tonight!


Anonymous said...

Like I said in a post about jobs...never enough and then all of a sudden too many. A guy has to look at all options because maybe the second or third ones are a better fit. Congrats on your new challenge.

Is this Stanley Cup Final a no-hitter? Absolutely no one has punished any of the Wings D-men. They are looking like Norris winners. It looks like pond hockey with a no hit rule. I am finding it very boring to say the least.

I see the WHL trades are starting to happen already. I should expect the Pats to be busy. They have a lot of re-tooling to do I dare say.


Pac58 said...

Yep, never a dull moment. From no opportunities to possibly three!

The Stanley Cup final is still on? It's sure not the Anaheim Ducks pounding people out there. I wonder if the other NHL teams will change their approaches next season?

I don't imagine the Pats will wait too much longer to swing some deals. Maybe around the time of the NHL draft.