Monday, July 08, 2013

Monday Musings

If I clear these thoughts out my head, maybe new ones will move in? Dare to dream!

  • The Saskatchewan Roughriders are the greatest 2-0 team in the history of the CFL!
  • I know it's been a lean couple of years in these parts, but people really need to cool it on the hyperbole. Yes, the Riders look good. But remember, the CFL season is a marathon, not a sprint.
  • Remember, the B.C. Lions were 0-5 a couple of years ago before rebounding to take the Grey Cup.
  • Having said (typed) that, the Riders do look good. The defense shut down Calgary in the second half Friday night, and the offense is starting to fire on all cylinders.
  • Remember a couple of years ago when the Riders couldn't close out games in the 4th quarter? Now they can, thanks to a rebuilt offensive line and a workhorse running back in Kory Sheets.
  • If Sheets continues his torrid pace, does he get a look in the NFL in the offseason? Possibly, but I wouldn't bet on an NFL team wanting to take a chance on a running back who turns 29 in the off-season. There are lots of younger and likely cheaper options down south.
  • I'm not saying Sheets doesn't have the ability to play in "the show", I just think time may not be on his side. Which, quite frankly, is great news for the Riders!
  • I can see why Saskatchewan Drive at Albert Street is considered Regina's most dangerous intersection. I was very nearly t-boned by a woman in a black Ford Escape who blew through a red light at 10 am on Saturday morning. Scary stuff!
  • Jay Livingston must not be having the most enjoyable summer so far. The first-year skipper of the Regina Red Sox is seeing his team's dream of a third straight Western Major Baseball League championship fading quickly. 
  • Mind you, the Sox are only 2.5 games off the pace in their division, so it's certainly not a lost cause! If the bats can get hot, and stay that way, a playoff berth is still within reach.
  • Anderson Silva, what the hell were you thinking? The former UFC middleweight champ ran into karma - and a stiff left hand from challenger Chris Weidman - while prancing and preening around the octagon Saturday night. And that, boys and girls, is why Silva is now the former champ!

Friday, July 05, 2013

Friday Thoughts

Here's what I think, in the final hours before the Saskatchewan Roughriders' home opener:

  • The Riders need to score early, before Calgary's defense gets any sort of momentum going. The Stamps D is tough, athletic and fast.
  • I expect the Stamps will look to get the ball out of Drew Tate's hands quickly, anticipating a big pass rush from the Riders. Look for Tate to try to hit Nik Lewis on crossing routes, before going deep to Maurice Price.
  • And then there's Jon Cornish. As he goes, so goes the Stamps offense, I think. The Riders have improved their team speed on defense, and their d line has been significantly upgraded with the additions of John Chick and Ricky Foley, so this will be a match-up to watch tonight. 
  • I'm really looking forward to seeing what sort of offensive game plan OC George Cortez has designed for tonight. He might very well be the Riders' most significant off-season acquisition!
  • After last night's loss, I think it's safe to say the days of the Montreal Alouettes dominating the east division with impunity are over - at least for now.
  • Don't look now, but the Winnipeg Blue Bombers look pretty good. Mind you, Buck Pierce is still healthy. How long can that possibly last?
  • GM Dave Nonis is doing some serious tweaking to the roster of the Toronto Maple Leafs. I really hope Jonathan Bernier is the real deal in net. 
  • Dave Bolland was a nice pick-up, but he by no means addresses one of the Toronto's biggest gaps - the lack of a dominant, high-scoring first line centre.
  • Meantime, the Leafs have re-signed Regina-based centre Tyler Bozak and power forward David Clarkson. I still think Bozak might be better suited to a role on the second line, but Nazem Kadri has that spot sewn up, so it's back to the first line for "Flowzak", he of the 80s vintage hockey hair!
  • Less than two weeks to go until summer holidays. Rarely have I been so ready for a break!
  • And when the J-man and I return from our annual southern Ontario pilgrimage, it's right into football season. Imagine my delight to find out the bantam Sun Devils will have a 225 lb lineman at our disposal. 
  • Then imagine my reaction when I found out we have a kid that tips the Toledos at 310 lbs! This is gonna be fun...